Research Infrastructure Services (RIS)

Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) is a responsive support team which provides high-performance, research focused, IT services and technologies. These services facilitate Washington University in St. Louis’ world-class research programs and collaborative partnerships.

Current WashU IT Research Infrastructure Service Offerings:

  • Consulting and Engaging generates partnerships which identify IT requirements and how to best utilize or refresh existing IT services, addressing project/program objectives for a specific service or project goal. Contact us and schedule a consultation at
  • Research Storage is a scalable, high performance and distributed storage infrastructure with integrated long-term archive. Enhancing the rate of discovery, there are many enterprise level features to facilitate data analysis, management, curation and retention. All faculty involved in research have access to 5TB of free storage.
  • Washington University Research Network (WURN) is a high speed campus Research Network with increased accessibility which enables the transport, analysis and dissemination of big data within and beyond the university area.

Additional Research Infrastructure services are in planning and development, including:

  • Compute Management
  • Data Transfer
  • Personal Computing
  • Database Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Research Application Platforms

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