Managed Network Printing provides administration for printing to networked, multi-function printers via wired or wireless network connections.


This service allows customers to establish new print queues and get WashU IT recommendations for new printers. Customers can also manage access to print resources and track print usage.

Requirements & Considerations

Printers must be connected to the university network. Printers are only accessible from campus or via VPN. New printer, printer move, and printer decommissioning requests can be submitted using the appropriate ServiceNow form.

Is your printer Vendor Managed?

If yes, then please reach out the Vendor first and allow them to coordinate the move and/or decommissioning process with WashU IT when needed.

Features & Options

Available from both Macintosh and Windows environments. Secure “send and swipe,” email to print, and Web print for personal computer support, is available on a per printer basis. 

Reporting features are available for tracking printing and copying by group to support research or grant funded printing cost.

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

Aligns with the Basic IT (BIT) Bundle SLE (PDF)