We’re here for IT

There are many IT service delivery organizations across the Washington University in St. Louis campuses, each ready to meet the needs of our students, faculty, and staff. The central IT service delivery organization, Washington University Information Technology (WashU IT), manages delivery and support of the technology services commonly used across all schools and departments. These include services such as email, information security, telephone services, file storage, and network connectivity. You can view a complete listing of the services provided by WashU IT on our website at https://it.wustl.edu/services.

Many of the schools and departments deliver and manage specialized technology services focused on the mission of their school or department. You can find a list of school and department IT organizations on our website at https://it.wustl.edu/home/support.

Getting Started

Are you new to the university? This IT@WashU checklist has some basic tasks to get you up and running with campus IT services.

  • Activate your WUSTL Key. Your WUSTL Key is your login ID and password for accessing all WashU systems. You’ll receive instructions on setting up your WUSTL Key ID from the Office of Human Resources.
  • Enroll in WashU 2FA by Duo. The university requires a secondary method of verifying your identity when accessing university systems off campus. Duo two-factor authentication (2FA) uses a secondary device (such as your cell phone) for identity verification, enhancing the security of your personal information and university data.
  • Explore ONE.wustl.edu, the university’s online gateway to WashU resources and to customize your ONE.wustl.edu dashboard. ONE.wustl.edu is a portal to many university services such as HRMS, Microsoft Outlook, campus maps and Canvas. You can log in with your WUSTL Key ID and create a list of favorites for quick links to the services and websites you access regularly. Search ‘Faculty IT Guide’ on ONE.wustl.edu and favorite the Faculty IT Guide task center. There are direct links to the services mentioned in this guide within that task center.
  • Know where to get help. The WashU IT Help Desk can assist you with most of your technology requests. Email IThelp@wustl.edu or visit wustl.service-now.com for system repairs, installations, hardware and software orders and general IT support. Visit https://it.wustl.edu/how-to for user guides on our IT services.

Accounts and Access


Your WUSTL Key is your login ID and password for accessing most WashU systems. The WUSTL Key ID is unique to you and the password must be changed annually. You can manage your WUSTL Key ID by resetting the password, setting up secret questions and establishing an alternate email address online. Visit https://it.wustl.edu/how-to/wustl-connect/ to learn how. Protect your WUSTL Key ID by keeping your password confidential.

WashU 2FA

WashU 2FA is two-factor authentication required to access university systems. Click the WashU 2FA task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more about 2FA enrollment and managing your authentication device.



We provide secure networks across campus. Click the Wireless Networks task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.

  • The WUSM-secure network is available to most campus users and can be accessed on all university campuses. It is the preferred network for the Medical School community. Workspace ONE (Airwatch) mobile device management service is required to access the WUSM-secure network on a mobile device.
  • The Eduroam network is available to on all WashU campuses and all Eduroam-connected campuses globally. Use your WUSTL Key ID to access this network.
  • The university’s remote virtual private networks (VPN) allow you to connect to university resources requiring a secure WashU network connection when off campus. Most university VPNs require permissions access that must be approved by a systems manager.



The WashU email and calendaring service is powered by Microsoft Office 365. You can download the Outlook app to your desktop (if not already installed), your cell phone or any personal device. You can also access the services via the web using Outlook on the web (OWA). Emails sent in the WashU Office 365 service are HIPAA and FERPA compliant. Click the Office 365 Services task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.


Microsoft Teams, available with your O365 license, provides great communication and collaboration options, including IM chat. Chat from your desktop, your cell phone, or any device that accepts the Microsoft Teams app. Click the Microsoft Teams task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn how Teams facilitates collaboration.

Web Conferencing

You have two options for virtual meetings; both let you collaborate with groups within or outside of the university. Microsoft Teams provides audio and video conferencing capabilities suitable for small working groups. Zoom provides web and video conferencing more suited for larger groups. Click the Zoom task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more about Zoom web conferencing.


At WashU, we believe securing your personal information and university data is our shared responsibility. Please visit the university’s Information Security Office (ISO) website (InformationSecurity.wustl.edu) to review university security, access and data classification policies, standards and guidelines.

A few quick tips:

  • Follow the ISO on twitter (@WUSTL_InfoSec) to get early notifications of cyber threats and instructions on how to stay safe.
  • Do you spy ‘phishy’ activity? Contact the ISO at phishing@wustl.edu or at 314-747-2955 if you suspect a security incident has occurred.
  • View the ‘Securing Your Workspace’ video on the ISO website. for workspace safety tips. Click the Secure Workspace task in ONE.wustl.edu to get to the video.
  • From device encryption to guidance on safe options for document storage, the ISO has you covered. Visit informationsecurity.wustl.edu and click ‘Protect my stuff’ to learn about the technology tools and services available to help you protect your documents and devices.


O365 Suite

With the Microsoft O365 suite, you can access Microsoft’s vast collection of integrated productivity apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more. You can install the O365 app on up to five PCs or Macs, five tablets, and five smartphones (including personal devices) and save all your work in the cloud so it’s accessible from anywhere. Click the Office 365 task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more about the O365 service.

Microsoft Teams

Collaborate in Microsoft Teams, the hub for teamwork where you can chat, organize meetings, host audio, video, and web conferences, and share files. Teams is included with O365 and can be used online or downloaded to several devices (laptop, tablet, cell phone) for convenient and accessible communication. Use of Microsoft Teams is available at no cost to you and can be accessed online with your WUSTL Key or via a device (desktop or mobile) app. Click the Microsoft Teams task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.


Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool for creating, deploying and evaluating WashU-branded surveys. Surveys are easy to create and manage and provide data that can be exported for analysis. Use Qualtrics for instructional or research purposes. Qualtrics is available at no cost to you and can be accessed with your WUSTL Key ID. Click the Qualtrics task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.

File Storage

WashU IT provides different storage service options for your various storage needs. Click the File Storage Options task on ONE.wustl.edu to check out the storage options chart on our website.


Box is a secure file storage and collaboration platform that lets you easily share and collaborate across campus and with partners outside of the university. You get unlimited cloud storage, syncing for offline access, a 15GB file upload size limit, and version history management. WUSTL Box is also HIPAA and FERPA compliant. Box can be accessed online with your WUSTL Key or via a device (desktop or mobile) app. Access to this service exists for the duration of your faculty affiliation with the university. Click the WUSTL Box task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.


OneDrive is a secure file storage and collaboration platform with seamless integration to Microsoft Office apps. OneDrive provides unlimited cloud storage, syncing for offline access and a 15GB file upload size limit. The university’s OneDrive service is HIPAA and FERPA compliant and can be accessed online with your WUSTL Key or via a device (desktop or mobile) app. Access to this service exists for the duration of your faculty affiliation with the university. Click the OneDrive task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.

Cloud Storage

WashU IT offers several cloud storage options including on- and off-premise hosting for data storage management of files, VM storage, blob and more. Public cloud platform service is supported by Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Click the Cloud Computing task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.

Department Storage

Departmental storage is available to university departments in the form of on-premise network file shares. Click the File Shares and Storage task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.

Classroom Support

Teaching and learning technology is supported by school technology teams and WashU IT. Got questions? Contact your school’s IT support team. Visit https://it.wustl.edu/support for a list of school and department IT support teams.


The university uses the Canvas learning management system to support classroom learning and instruction. For more information on Canvas, visit MyCanvas.wustl.edu. You can also log in to the system from this page using your WUSTL Key.

Event Capture

Our Media Services Team provides event capture and web streaming support across all campuses. Click the Event Capture task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.

Other Resources 

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 14,000 high-quality, expert-led courses in seven different languages on a plethora of topics. It is available at no cost to faculty, students and staff and can be accessed using your WUSTL Key ID. Click the LinkedIn Learning task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.


The university uses the Learn@Work learning management system to manage most faculty and staff training and compliance requirements. Learn@Work is also available to faculty, providing you a cloud-based platform to design streamlined training. The system requires WUSTL Key ID access.

Software Purchasing and Licensing

The university offers no-cost and low-cost software that can be installed on departmental or personal devices. For a list of available software, visit the WashU IT software website, the University Libraries website, and the Bernard Becker Medical Library website. You can download software using the Software Center app (Windows computers) or the Self-Service app (Macs). Visit the Software for Faculty and Staff for more information on installing software on your WashU IT managed computer.

Hardware Purchasing

The WashU IT Depot maintains an inventory of stock Dell and Apple products that can be ordered in the ServiceNow system. Most purchases must be approved by your department budgetary approver before fulfillment. The Depot also accepts custom orders and can work with you to better understand your needs and provide a quote. Click the New Computer Equipment task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more about ordering computers, accessories and other technology.

Loaner Laptops

WashU IT provides loaner laptops for WashU faculty and staff that have registered on the Travel Registry site. The loaner device is encrypted to help reduce the risk of access to private or proprietary information. It will be configured to access Office365, WUSTL Box, and remote access back to Washington University resources. Click the Loaner Equipment task on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.

Research Computing 

The university’s Research Infrastructure Services (RIS) team provides secure, integrated and cutting-edge research technology services to support the university’s research community. Whether you need High Performance Computing services, storage, laboratory management or research software, our dedicated team can help you with all of your research computing needs. Visit website to learn more.


WashU IT offers a number of application services available to faculty. From vended application management of internally hosted applications, support and configuration of enterprise centric SaaS, and application architecture design and review, we’re here to help you find, configure and support applications that integrate to services within the WashU technology environment. Click the Vendor Application Management and Custom Application Development tasks on ONE.wustl.edu to learn more.