Customers can request the Document Imaging service, powered by SharePoint, when they have a need to replace physical paper files with an enterprise-class document imaging solution.

This service allows customers to upload paper or digital documents to a SharePoint repository via a third party vendor tool called KnowledgeLake. The document repository can then be accessed by authenticated staff or faculty. End users can also upload electronic documents. All documents have indexed data that can be searched via SharePoint for easy retrieval.

Requirements & Considerations

User must have computer with KnowledgeLake Capture or Connect connected to scanner (for scanning paper documents) and have a connection to the WUSTL network. User must have a SharePoint ECM site hosted by WashU IT.

Features & Options

  • Auto populating metadata fields by pulling data from either a SharePoint List or external database
  • Capture Server is used for advanced business needs such as delineation of scanning and indexing duties, custom processing of documents
  • Content types are created to capture specific metadata for documents
  • Partner uses KnowledgeLake Capture or Connect to upload their documents to a SharePoint site
  • SharePoint ECM Site with KnowledgeLake Capture or Connect
  • SharePoint ECM Site with KnowledgeLake Capture, Capture Server and Connect
  • Specific searches can be created via KnowledgeLake Search to retrieve documents

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

Basic SharePoint ECM site

Service RequestFulfillment Target
Permission request1-2 Business days (Provided proper approval by Site Owner)
Create KL Search2-3 Weeks depending on complexity
Modify/Update KL Search1 Week depending on complexity
Create new content type1 Week
Update current content type3 Business Days

SharePoint ECM site with KnowledgeLake Capture or Connect

Service RequestFulfillment Target
Install and configure Capture or Connect software2-3 Business days
Add autopopulation of fields2-3 Weeks depending on complexity
LOB integration4 weeks depending on complexity
Service RequestFulfillment Target
Add Capture Server Process2-3 Weeks depending on complexity
Modify Capture Server Process2 Weeks depending on complexity