When Workday went live in July 2021, it was announced that the HRMS, AIS, and WebFocus systems would be available until July 1, 2022. This date has now been extended to November 15, 2022, allowing users additional time to adapt to alternate platforms. HRMS, AIS, and WebFocus will no longer be supported after November 15, 2022. The Legacy Retirement Program Team has retained all historical data from the legacy systems.

Program Overview

Cognos (Data Warehouse) contains historical data that is currently accessed from HRMS and AIS. Cognos will be available to access this data for business purposes beginning July 1, 2022; see Data Warehouse Self-Service.

To prepare for the transition, the program team is providing demos that show how to access data in Cognos. If you have not attended any demos for HRMS and/or AIS, it is highly recommended that you do so; see Cognos Demos. Training will also be provided and assigned to administrative users whose names have been provided by business managers; see the Cognos Training section of this page.

Cognos Demos

Weekly demos are provided to current Cognos users. They will show AIS, HRMS, and WebFocus inquiry users how to access, download, and share reports using Cognos. Time will be allowed for attendees to ask questions, share concerns and highlight potential gaps. If these time slots do not work for you, please contact us, to make alternate arrangements.

HRMS data report user demos will occur on:
Tuesdays at 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM, from July 12 through October 27.

AIS data report user demos will occur on:
Thursdays at 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM, from July 14 through October 25.

Cognos Training

Cognos training is readily available online and must be taken by HRMS, AIS and/or WebFocus system users as appointed by your business manager by October 1, 2022, if you have not already done so. Face-to-face training is available on request.

• Cognos Basics – Basic e-learning module required for all Cognos users of all types.

• Cognos Analytics: Managing Shared Reports – for users who need to run, but do not write, reports.

System Retirement Breakdown

Cognos (Data Warehouse) Self-Service

Cognos (Data Warehouse) contains historical data that is currently accessed from HRMS, AIS and WebFocus systems and includes the following tools:
• Canned Reports
• Data Packages for Cognos report writers
• New AIS Cognos reports to replace inquiry screens

System Retirement – Archive Strategy

Data Archive:

• A complete backup of legacy data for retention and compliance purposes will be retained, in addition to the modeled data in Cognos.

• Requests to access the Data Archive, primarily for regulatory and compliance purposes, will be submitted to Data Management and fulfilled by Enterprise Applications on a case-by-case basis

Document Archive:
• HRMS and AIS electronic documents are being converted to PDF form and stored in a cloud repository.

• Information on how to request these documents will be available soon.

Program Core Team

• Janet Deyarmin – Program Manager
• Denise Hirschbeck – Change Agent / Campus Outreach
• Steve Westlund – Change Agent / Campus Outreach
• John Murphy – Subject Matter Expert
• Steve Rosenow – Technical Lead
• Sara Sue Patterson – Business Analyst
• Melinda Nadler – Learning and Development Specialist, IT OCM
• Alicia Wilton – Learning and Development Assistance
• Paige Dunk – Communications Specialist, IT OCM