Who can see my Viva (Cortana) daily briefing emails?

The information and action items in the Viva (Cortana ) daily briefing emails is obtained from your WashU Office365 mailbox and calendar data using machine learning technology.

Personal and Private

Your briefing emails are personal and private, sent only to your WashU email address.
The mail at your WashU email address can only be accessed by you and others to whom you grant permission. No one else can access your WashU email excluding WashU IT professionals who manage the service for the University.

Everyone’s Data is Private

Briefing emails do not include any new personally identifiable information regarding others with a WashU Office365 account. The insights and actions are based solely on existing information within your WashU Office365 mailbox and calendar.

Mailbox security

The Briefing email uses data from your WashU email (Exchange Online) and calendar.
This data is then processed and stored inside your WashU mailbox (Exchange Online).
Hence, data security is built-in and enforced by Exchange as the data never leaves your WashU mailbox.

The Viva (Cortana) daily briefing emails do not allow Microsoft to collect or store additional information, rather it is a presentation of information which already exists within the your WashU Office365 account. For more information regarding privacy please see the How does Microsoft Use Customer Data in Viva (Cortana)? FAQ.

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