How does Microsoft Use Customer Data in Viva (Cortana)?

The table below describes how Microsoft stores, processes, and uses customer data in Viva (Cortana).

StorageCustomer Data is stored on Microsoft servers inside the Office365 cloud. Your data is part of the WashU tenant (Instance of Microsoft Office365).
Note: Speech audio is not retained.
Stays within WashUYour Viva (Cortana) Daily Briefing Data is stored on Microsoft servers as part of the WashU Office365 cloud.
RetentionCustomer Data is deleted when the account is closed by WashU IT (the tenant administrator) or when a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Data Subject Rights deletion request is made.
Note: Speech audio is not retained.
Processing and ConfidentialityPersonnel engaged in the processing of Customer Data and personal data:
– will process such data only on instructions from the Customer.
– will be obligated to maintain the confidentiality and security of such data even after their engagement ends.
UsageMicrosoft uses Customer Data only to provide the services agreed upon with WashU and for purposes that are compatible with those services. Machine learning is done inside the Office365 cloud without human viewing, review, or labeling of your Customer Data.
Note: Your data is not used to target advertising.

More information is available at Microsoft’s support page Privacy guide for briefing emails.

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