Russell Sharp

Interim Executive Director – Chief of Staff to the CIO, Portfolio & Project Management Office, IT Vendor Management

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Interview

It’s so easy to be judgmental. It’s so easy to have preconceived ideas. We have to be very deliberate not to do that and recognize that our own experiences don’t translate to those of others.

Native to the UK, Russell grew up in Scotland and England, and has also spent time living in Brussels, Belgium before moving to the US in 1997. Always fascinated by the sciences, Russell studied microbiology in college, before discovering an enthusiasm for IT during his time working with Shell in the 80s. Beyond his professional life, Russell has a wonderful wife, 2 amazing children, 2 “brown” dogs, and enjoys gardening, woodworking, and electronics. The richness of his experiences living in different countries and being exposed to several unique cultures has given him a unique, deeply attached perspective on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, his background in science has highlighted the importance of listening and introspecting as a leader, taking an approach of empathy where he listens to understand, rather than respond.