I don’t have cellular or wireless devices. What can I do?

DUO Passcode authentication, described below, is only applicable for individuals with an approved DUO Exception Request from the Office of Information Security. Please see Can I Still Use Passcode Authentication for more information.

In the DuoMobile App, there is a key next to WashU2FA- clicking this key has a hidden code. You can request to be texted codes (list of 10) prior to leaving cell service and they can be used in order. You can also call the WashU IT Service Desk and request a one-time use one-hour expiring bypass code.

Mobile PushMobile PasscodePhone CodeSMS Text MessageTemporary Passcode
Enroll a smartphone (recommended)XXXX
Enroll a tabletXX
Enroll a basic cell phoneXX
Enroll a landline phoneX
Call the WashU IT Service Desk (314) 933-3333X

Return to WashU 2FA.