Greg Barton

Assistant Director Shared Infrastructure

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Interview

It’s important to recognize when we have individuals from varied backgrounds – to meet those individuals where they are when they come to WashU.

An East Coast native, Greg spent the first part of his life in his hometown of Hampton, Virginia, as well as Maryland. Greg then moved to Saint Louis in 1978, and later moved on to earn a 4-year degree from Truman University.  

Starting in 1995, Greg began a rich 20+ year career in IT working at noteworthy organizations such as Nestlé Purina and Enterprise before joining the WashU community. At WashU, Greg draws from his many years of leadership that began with leading his high school marching band, all the way to the many team lead positions he has held in his IT career. He places emphasis on meeting with every member of his teams to gather feedback and listen to new ideas. Throughout his career, Greg has found that valuing diversity is one of our greatest assets, and that being inclusive creates an environment rich in unique perspectives, backed by varied individual strengths.