Software Services

Customers find the Software Services offering useful for downloading site-licensed and free software for installation on computers managed by WashU IT. The service allows customers to download and install select software on their own or to request installation of approved software.

Access to the software made available by the university’s enterprise-wide software agreements. Installation of software on computers managed by the WashU IT organization.

  • Software available in the software catalog will be installed within 3 business days from receipt of request.
  • Software Services is available for Shared IT Services customers. Click here to see if your department has migrated to Shared IT Services.

The Software Services Offering is included within the Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) Service. The complete Service Level Expectation (SLE) document for the Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) Service can be read by clicking this link: Basic IT Bundle (Bit Bundle) SLE

Training for this service offering is available at


Computers, Mobile Devices, Printers, Software Services

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Request Service
Request Software Service

  • Install / Deliver Software
  • Configure Software
  • Upgrade Software
  • Remove Software
  • Quote Software