ServiceNow logoWashU IT uses the ServiceNow platform for its technology ticketing and IT asset management system. Your IT interactions, including break/fix support and requests for services, are all logged and tracked in ServiceNow.

Guide for Navigating the IT Self-Service Portal

ServiceNow offers many benefits, including:ServiceNow Screenshot

  • Interactions with an IT support provider will generate an email notification to you from WUSTL IT Services: <> and will include a targeted link to the self-service portal that allows you to track your service ticket, progress and resolution. You will be prompted to login with your WUSTL Key and password to view your tickets.
  • An easy method to update your ticket with additional information and/or stay abreast of changes
  • Improved incident tracking and service request resolution
  • A shared knowledge base to help customers and support staff with services that WashU IT supports
  • Ability to manage and plan for IT assets throughout their lifecycle
  • Robust reporting and dashboard capabilities
  • Greater automation and self-service ability, which means less time spent talking with IT support providers

The process for request approvals in ServiceNow is as follows:

  1. User submits a request
  2. Operational approval – required for all IT service and equipment requests
    1. If no operational approvers* are listed, the approval request goes to the requester’s direct supervisor.
    2. If operational approvers are listed in the system for the requester’s department, the approval request goes to all who are listed, instead of the direct supervisor.
  3. Budgetary approval – occurs after operational approval if there is a cost associated with the request
    1. If a cost is associated with the request, the approval request is sent to the budgetary approvers for the cost center selected by the requester.
    2. If no cost is associated with the request, budgetary approval does not occur.

*Operational approvers are individuals identified by departments to perform non-budgetary approvals in place of direct supervisors. If this option is used, all individuals on the list will be notified of, and can approve, the requests. Departments will need to determine their internal processes for who in their group approves each type of request.

If you would like to change your department’s operational or budgetary approvers, please submit a ServiceNow – General Service Request form.

Customer Portal Video Demonstration

Legacy System

The legacy ServiceNow Portal——is used for the following:

  • Brown School Service Center requests
  • Brown School Facilities requests
  • HR Benefits for internal work management
  • Shared Business Services Hub requests
  • WUSM Facilities requests

Looking for ServiceNow process guides, training materials, quick guides, and more? You can find it all here.

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