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Guide for Access and Usage of ServiceNow

Quick Guide for Navigating the Self-Service Portal

Guide for IT Requests to Onboard New or Transfer Employees

Login and Access to the Onboarding Request Form

ServiceNowWashU IT uses the ServiceNow platform for its technology ticketing system. Your IT interactions, including break/fix support and requests for services, are all logged and tracked in ServiceNow.

ServiceNow offers many benefits, including:ServiceNow Web Graphic

  • Interactions with an IT support provider will generate an email notification to you from WUSTL IT Services: <> and will include a targeted link to the self-service portal that allows you to track your service ticket, progress and resolution. You will be prompted to login with your WUSTL Key and password to view your tickets.
  • An easy method to update your ticket with additional information and/or stay abreast of changes.
  •  Improved incident/case tracking, problem management, and service request resolution

  • Ability to extend the tool to other campus units

  • Improved reporting capabilities

  • Resolved, documented incidents in the ServiceNow knowledge base enable WashU IT support staff to resolve issues accurately and quickly
  • Greater automation and self-service ability, which means less time spent talking with IT support providers

ServiceNow News

New ServiceNow Releases in the Works: Streamlining Service Delivery

As we continue to consolidate services and service management for a more efficient and satisfactory user experience, we’re excited to release a series of improvements to ServiceNow that will streamline the service delivery process. You can learn about them below. Visit this page often, as we’ll updated it with new information as releases approach.