Empowering St. Louis Through the WashU IT Apprentice Program   

WashU IT’s Apprenticeship Program is addressing St. Louis’ dual challenge: supporting non-traditional candidates and fulfilling unmet IT positions, as well as embracing our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.   The program, which began with its’ first cohort of 5 apprentices in March of 2022, was started by a partnership between AT&T and WashU IT. The 18-month […]

Cisco AnyConnect is now Cisco Secure Client

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client, the application used to connect to WashU VPN, was updated between March 18 and April 4. As part of this update the application’s name and icon both changed. The new name on both Windows and Mac computers is Cisco Secure Client and the new icon shown to the right. […]

Protecting Our Community Through Security Awareness Training

Written collaboratively by the Security Awareness Training Program Team As WashU continues to grow and evolve, so does our technology and our need for training. Our continuous technological advancement brings new challenges—none more pressing than cybersecurity. We must stay a step ahead of cybercriminals, who are increasingly creative and skilled in gaining access to private […]

Onward and Upward:  Elevating Collaboration with our Atlassian Cloud Voyage

The Atlassian Cloud Migration Project team has reached the milestone of retiring the on-premises Confluence and Jira applications, along with their associated servers. While retirement planning began 2 years earlier, core project activities officially began in October of 2022 as the team began to gather requirements and learn the features and functionality unique to the Atlassian […]

Planview ServiceNow Request Form

WashU IT is pleased to introduce the Planview Administrative Requests ServiceNow request form for Planview related issues, requests, and questions. Simply select the Type of request from the drop down menu and enter the details in the Please describe your request field. Exception: New License Requests Have Questions? Submit a Planview Administrative Request or visit the Planview resources webpage. 

Student Technology Services (STS): April Fool’s Event: A Playful Twist on “Free Apple”

 April Fool’s Day at WashU often brings a playful spirit, and this year, Student Technology Services (STS) took the opportunity to join in the fun with a creative prank that left students both amused and delighted.  STS decided to host a giveaway advertised as offering “free apple products” to students. The announcement sparked curiosity and […]

March IT All Hands recording and materials now available

The meeting recording and the presentation materials from the March IT All Hands meeting are now available for review. If you were unable to attend last month’s meeting, or if you just want a recap, please explore the materials from the last meeting, or any of the past meetings from the last several years.

Unlocking Success: The Story Behind our Mass Emailing Makeover

The Emma Product Replacement for ListServ Maestro project was created to replace the aging ListServ and ListServ Maestro applications and associated hardware. These common good applications enable mass emailing functionality for various populations across the university.  The introduction of Emma to Groups 1, 2 and 3 has been met with enthusiastic reception, leading the team to accelerate […]

Public university directory being phased out

The Washington University in St. Louis online directory, which includes faculty, staff and student names, phone numbers and email addresses, is being phased out.  University leaders decided to remove the directory to protect WashU community members’ privacy and security, helping to prevent cold calls, phishing campaigns and other data security threats.  The online directory will […]

Check out the well-being resources available to WashU employees

 Our mission is deeply rooted in serving others. To do that well, prioritizing self-care is vital. The employee experience at WashU embraces a culture that places emphasis on nurturing well-being.   Whether you are interested in joining a team of your peers in the Spring Well-Being Challenge or would like to recognize a colleague for their […]