Enterprise Applications (EA): Atlassian Celebratory Party

Following the successful implementation of Atlassian Move to Cloud project, the project team met at Bella Milano in O’Fallon, Illinois for a celebratory dinner.  The event was organized to commemorate their remarkable accomplishes, including EA’s inaugural venture into the cloud.

As a gesture of appreciation, each team member was presented with a gift bag comprising of a T-shirt, notebook, notepads, and a pen, all inscribed with the inscription, “I survived the Atlassian Cloud Migration”.

Pictured below are (front row) Steven (future EA rockstar), Melinda Nadler, Carrie Maynard, Kathy LaBarge, and Brian Lawton.  (back row) Steve Westlund, Michael Ahearn, Janet Deyarmin, Daniel Hammoud, Sherri Woolard, and Victor Krasnosky. Missing from photo is Denise Hirschbeck.