December 15th Vendor Management Training – Leverage Management Workshop

Do you engage with vendors as part of your job? Would you like the chance to develop stronger communication skills and specific techniques for more effectively working with them?

Join us on Thursday, December 15th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM CT for ClearEdge’s Leverage Management Workshop training!

Deal-makers are focused on more than simple deal execution. They must juggle forecasting, cloud migration, software audits, decentralized IT, supplier incumbency, a constant flurry of industry mergers and acquisitions, internal alignment and supplier engagements and relationships. The role of the IT deal maker is transforming under pressure from these forces. Managing leverage properly has never been more critical to successful negotiations. During this session, we review the 9 key capabilities that insure best-in-class deals, and assess these capabilities within your organization

Session highlights include:
• Early Warning
• Risk Assessment and Inspection
• Forecast and Modeling
• Deal Timeline Development
• Supplier Knowledge
• Deal Option Development
• Information Control
• Executive Engagement
• Messaging Development

Through May 2023, ClearEdge will also be offering additional monthly training sessions. You can view these upcoming courses via Learn@Work.  

Participants will leave these sessions better prepared to engage with strategic suppliers throughout a deal cycle, with a strong understanding of their role, from deal leader to stakeholder.

For any immediate questions on the upcoming training, please contact Ron Dinning.