Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications Accomplishments – May 2022

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

DomainProject TitleProject SummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
Enabling AppsEA-10668 ServiceNow upgrade from Rome to San DiegoStandard scheduled upgrade of ServiceNow to align with vendor versioning schedule.Kevin Peppers, Greg Clemons4/8/2022
ResearchEA-11512 – Add Designated Reviewer Department to RMS Org HierarchyA new department needed to be added to the RMS Org Hierarchy.

A stored procedure in the RMS integrations database needed to be modified to add the new department.
Dule Djurasevic, Carmanisha Edwards4/14/2022
ResearchEA-11614 – Resolve DRA_WDHRToMyIBC issue with UID too longAdd validation rule to prevent DRA to fail and Prod Ops to troubleshoot and fix invalid data when UID is longer than 10 chars.Igor Soyfer, Chris Reynolds, Sarah Everett4/11/2022
ResearchEA-8007 External Professional Activities – RMS (Research)This project implemented Phase I of the External Professional Activities project in the COI module in the Research Management System (RMS). This will allow for electronic submission of disclosure information to a broader base. The implementation was a collaborative effort across the business partners, Washington University IT and the vendor InfoEd.Travis Mossotti, Bob Menendez, Karen Drullat, Richard Pryzma, Dule Djurasevic, Jean Shuler4/26/2022
WUSMEA-3016 – Server Migration of FPPL site and databaseThis project migrated the FPPL site and database from one server to another.Theresa Smallwood, Carmanisha Edwards4/21/2022
StudentEA-9733 – LLI: New Features and EnhancementsThis project released the latest round of changes to the LifeLong Learning Institute websiteThomas Hildebrand, Jason Kemmery4/28/2022