Clinton Ruzich departs WashU IT for WashU Occupational Therapy

As of March 6, Clinton Ruzich, Operations & System Analyst III, has transferred from the WashU IT Depot to Occupational Therapy. 

Clinton began working with the newly founded WashU IT Depot in 2017 under Derek Milberg’s leadership. With Clinton’s help, the depot became what it is today, an operation that completes the imaging of computers across WashU campuses in order to assist customers with new equipment.

In addition to onboarding and offboarding new employees within WashU Occupational Therapy, he will also be troubleshooting basic IT issues, identifying items that need to be ordered, and many other tasks.

“Working with the WashU IT Depot over the past five years has given me the opportunity to develop my professional skills and better serve our customers with their IT needs. Overall, WashU IT has been a great experience for me and I will never forget everyone who was involved from the beginning, and those who are currently supporting the operation.” says Clinton.

Washington University IT thanks Clinton for his service over the past five years.