Enterprise Applications Recent Accomplishments – January 11, 2022

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

DomainTitleSummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
ResearchEA-10274/EA-10377/EA-10299/EA-10393/EA-10388/EA-10378/EA-10391 – SUBS Sprint 48 This project delivered standard updates and bug fixes
associated with the SUBS application.
Karen Drullat, Richard Pryzma
, Dule Djurasevic, Carmanisha Edwards
StudentEA-10572  PF: Update Slate DRA for Missing Scores and Merit FieldsTest Scores and Merit scholarships were not updating in the integration from Undergraduate Admissions  (SLATE) to Student Financial Services  (PowerFAIDS). 
As a result, potential admitted students were not allowed to receive the correct financial aid award package.
Karen Leingang, Janet Deyarmin12/13/21
Integrations/SDMEA-10507 – INT808 – New Integration – CC-2723 – INC2146355 –This project was needed to deliver the  individualized pdf document output
 of a MetLife BIRT report to a specific number of employees via WorkDay. 
Janet McElroy12/13/21
Integrations/SDMEA-10453 – CC-2670 – Update INT376 to only send back payments for Destiny – DevelopmentAdded a calculated field to the current INT376 Destiny Customer Invoice Payments Outbound
 report sub filter which eliminates all non-Destiny invoices types from Customer Payment Applications.
Jeff Allison 12/13/21
StudentEA-7368 Detail Design PF: Completion of Withdrawal Date Mechanism (Students  who are on LOA  should have their withdrawal dates populated in PowerFAIDS.
This project was  needed to help determine how much federal money needs to be returned based on their withdrawal date.
EA-10504 PF Disbursement Error email listingThis project helps to mitigate student accounting transaction errors generated by the Disbursement and Anticipated Aid processes by identifying bad transactions and sending an email to a distribution list of people who have a  vested interest in the processes.Karen Leingang12/16/21
StudentEA-10395 PF: US Address Entry in PowerFAIDS –This project corrected an issue for some domestic students’ addresses  being marked as Foreign
because their country code was USA instead of US.  This was impacting a domestic student’s eligibility for aid based on residence. 
Karen Leingang12/16/21
Integrations/SDMEA-9942 – INT531 – Modify Integration – CC-2141 – Citizenship ChangesThis project was needed to update the correct FICA status for employees a
and student workers who have a Non Resident Alien citizenship status.
Ben Dvorak12/16/21
Physical OperationsEA-8803 Danforth Parking ReplacementThis project served as a successful decommission of the old Danforth Ticket Track instance to the new T2 Parking website
for Danforth Parking Permit purchases and UPass assignment. This new system serves  faculty,  staff and student’s Danforth parking management needs.
Sarah Everett, Jeremy Dodt
, Nick Kondis
, Sam Smith
, Julie Fugina
, Michelle Weinrich
, Dan Williams, Maria Moyer
University AdvancementEA-10590 – Correct INT204 work Day Journal fileThis project corrected the issue of  Sponsored Projects Accounting funds being excluded rom ADIS Journals loaded to Workday but not the
corresponding Clearing accounts.  
Darrin Hutchinson12/28/21
OtherEA-9129 – ARS Website For Quadrangle Housing (Analysis and Implementation)This project decommissioned a SharePoint 2013 On prem site and replaced it with a vended solution for Quadrangle Housing.
The replacement Washington University Apartment Referral Services for Off-Campus housing features:
• Map-based search with a variety of housing options
• Enhances listing features including photos, floorplans & 3D tours
• Students can create & search WashU roommate profiles
• Students, Faculty & Staff can post a FREE sublet/sabbatical listing
• The resource section with valuable information
Carmanisha Edwards
, Chad Kreitler
, Nguyen Pham
, Roger Portillo