Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments – October 19, 2021

Submitted by David Sterling

SIEEWarpdrive upgrades completed and stragglers found and updated also.Upgrade software to address problems with existing software.
SIEESharePoint migrations: Archived IS&T Leadership SharePoint documents, ClinicalOperations SharePoint site, and MedAlumniandDev SharePoint site to BoxContinued progress toward implementation of WashU IT SharePoint strategy program.
SIEESharePoint migration – Migration of to SPO completeContinued progress toward implementation of WashU IT SharePoint strategy program.
SIEECox Health Care telehealth  project still progressing well with no issues. Testing and training on target with several doctors successful.  Allows Wash U health providers to utilize telehealth for collaborating with Cox Health partners. This is a rural area and concerns for increased COVID acitivity with returning to school. 
SIEEEfax reporting for billing updated with new dept number standards. Reports sent to Admin for review and billing.Update billing database utliized for E-Fax bllling
SIEEWorking with OB/Gyn dept to configure Oculus VR headset for physician training.Collaborate with Desktop Services and OB/Gyn dept to setup VR headsets for physician training.
SIEEVMWare Horizon client upgrade project in flightUpgrade software to address problems with existing software.
SIEEM365 and LTSC office 21 packaging and deployment underwayWill move university endpoints off of a 7 year old version of MS office
SIEEConsolidated Task sequence for endpoint imaging 2.0 with new naming convention.,Incorporated more automation and less himan error into into imaging process, automatically names computers
SIEE802.1x Medschool endpoint network authentication – process pilot underwayprovides for secure physical network authentication in Med school areas
SINEUpgrading the Distribution uplinks for Bio Chem to 10GIncreasing network bandwidth capabilities for Bio Chemistry
SINEDecommissioned Pre-clinical legacy VPN for department of Dev/BioMIgration to WashU IT Enterprise VPN Services, which enable greater security practices. 
SINECompleted WURN onramp for Mass Spec in the BLVD building – tested RIS connectivity – ready for first userAllows researchers to transfer data at higher speeds, enabling greater research.
SINEInstalled & tested AT&T fiber circuit for Apogee from North Brookings to Thomas Eliot for IPTV projectBuilding out core infrastructure to support the IPTV Pilot Project
SINEInstalled and tested new blue light phone at the West Campus LibraryExpanding campus safety phones footprint
SINECompleted UPS and AC prevented maintenance activities for West Campus, North Campus, and 4480 Data CentersEnsures that the critical infrastructure is in proper working order
SINECompeted the 4480 Data Center UPS replacement and commissioningCritical component in support of providing backup power to the 4480 Data Center.  
SINECompleted the replacement/upgrade of the University’s Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers Cnntinuous improvement of the University’s core network infrastructure 
SINECompleted the replacement/upgrade of several access layer switches on the Danforth and Medical School CampusContinuous improvement of the University’s network infrastructure 
SINECompleted installation of the  SEn (CMMC) on-ramp in Jubel Hall for Dr. AgonaferEnables researchers a secure network envirement to conduct research
SINECompleted migration of legacy MGI DHCP migration to WashU Enterprise Infoblox DHCP platformMoving to the WashU Enterprise systems will reduce duplication of efforts and improve capabilities
SINEAdded more IP space to wustl-guest wifi network to account for growth on the Danforth CampusPreparing for the fall semesters influx of devices connecting to the Univiersity wireless network
SINEChanged IP space on eduroam to allow for more users on the Danforth CampusPreparing for the fall semesters influx of devices connecting to the Univiersity wireless network
SINEWorked with MIR on epic failover solution for Phelps VPN workstationsImproving connectivity for Radiology to support Phelps Hospital
SINECorrected Anheuser Busch Hall distribution switch power feed.  This was identified as an issue during the Ameren UE power outageEnsure redundant power connectivity for network infrastructure in support of the Law School
SINECompleted assessment of network/UPS hardware issues as a result of Danforth Campus Ameren UE power outage.  Established a course of action and work has been completed.Continuous improvement of the University’s core UPS and network infrastructure 
SINEDecommissioned med school and IST admin legacy vpn profiles on vpn.wustl.eduMIgration to WashU IT Enterprise VPN Services, which enables greater security practices. 
SIPECompleted updates to the Active Directory virtual machine platformsEnsure that the platforms supporting critical Active Directory systems are kept modernized and up-to-date
SIPECompleted the Platform Engineering Operational Dashboard jump page projectImprove engineer productivity by simplifying access to various operational platforms and dashboards
SIPESuccessfully upgraded Confluence to the latest version to address security vulnerabilitiesEnsure that the Confluence documentation platform remains secure and available
SIPECompleted configuration of NetApp 8700 installation at Research Data CenterPrepare the new NetApp file server hardware for production readiness
SIPECompleted migration of Occupational Therapy SLiC application development platform from legacy host to shared SQL Server platformPart of the process of migrating workloads from legacy servers to new shared services to enable retirement of aging servers
SIPECompleted design diagram documentation for file services solutionEnsure that the new file services solution design is properly documented for future maintenance activities
SIPEFixed replication issues for file services solutionEnsure that the replication processes for the new file services solution conform to the processes used on
SIPECompleted Splunk setup for ingestion of KMS license server logsImprove the ability to detect and address KMS license server issues as well as track usage activity
SIPECompleted build of Tenable server for CMMC environmentPrepare the server which will host Tenable security scans of the CMMC environment
SISOCDeployed new building network and wireless – 6214 Forsyth – Recently renovated to house WUIT staff
SISOCAssisted with operational efforts regarding the Danforth WiFi tiger teamProvide better visualizations for engineers to help improve overall WiFi availability
SISOCPerformed network switch configuraiton cleanup from RIS transferring to WUIT environmentsRemoving older network configurations to prevent inadvertent connectivity issues 
SISOCBuilt new wireless monitoring capabilities and dashboardsProvide better alerting capabilities for the wireless infrastructure 
SISOCContinued upgrading network switches as part of the NAC projectFor the pilot project on the Med School campus
SISOCApplied Microsoft Operating System patches to 779 of the managed WashU IT hosted server environmentKeeping servers as secure as possible
SISOCFollowed up with the VAR on the f5 renewal and was able to get the renewal done for EEf5 support is continuous without any lapse in support
SISOCWorked with WUIT Admin to follow up other outstanding POs with the vendor.  The contact for the VAR has been updated in work dayPOs are going to the correct contact at the VAR now
SISOCRequested qoutes for the Accounts AD VMware support renewalStarting the process to renew software support
SISOCRequested quote for Solarwinds software (Serv-U, Patch Manager, SQL analyzer software) used by PE, EE, and EAStarting the process to renew software support
SISOCWorked with End Users Services to confirm web help desk support is not being renewedOld technology being retired
SISOCWorking with the Business School on getting a quote from Dell for storage expansion (PE is reviewing the quote)Working on providing a requested quote
SISOCWorked on restoring a virtual server retired in 2019 for the Business School (PE has been involved in the restore) Helped Business school have another tool to trouble shoot an issue  they have
SISOCWorked with Chemsitry (ArtSci) on restoring data from 2008 from tape backup.  Chemsitry successfully restored data from 2008
SISOCWorked with Sam Fox Schools (SFS) on a printing issue related to patching done in September (SIDE and PE were involved as well)Resolved the printing issue for the Macs for SFS