Recent EA Accomplishments- October 5, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

ProjectSummaryTeam Implementation Date 
EA-9585 Monthly Payroll Deduction ProjectDarrin Hutchinson, Jimmy Johnson9/20/21
EA-9727 SUBS Awards Replacement App — Sprint 45 ReleaseThis project covers the fixes and features that were related to the SUBS Application Sprint 45. Veleria Boaten, Richard Pryzma, Dule Djurasevic, Bill Lancaster9/20/21
Change Request to fix INC2110342 (Hot Fix for SUBS Sprint 45)This project covered a hot fix to correct the security refactor that was deployed in Sprint 45. Val Boaten, Steve Sparks, Andy Zaruba, Dule Djurasevic9/21/21
EA-8662 Human Resources Document Repository MigrationThis project covers the migration of HR documents formerly accessed via HRMS, hosted on
This project covered all documents in that repository except for the Benefits History documents, which are being migrated as part of a separate project under our team (EA-10040). 
Allison Grindon,  Maarten Houthuijzen, Kathy LaBarge, Bill Bernickus, Roger Portillo, and  Thomas Hildebrand9/23/21
EA-9517 ServiceNow Upgrade Quebec to RomeThis is the official Quarter 3 release for ServiceNow that is required for the University’s ServiceNow instance to remain current. Greg Clemon, John Stephen, Kevin Peppers, Laurel Repinski9/24/21
EA-9980 – SUBS Multiple PO Notifications Sent to SubrecipientsHot fix to correct multiple emails being sent to  University Sub Award recipients. Valeria Boaten, Richard Pryzma, Dule Djurasevic9/29/21