Shared Infrastructure Accomplishments – September 21, 2021

Submitted by David Sterling

TeamBusiness Areas of InterestAccomplishmentImpact
Enterprise EngineeringCinical telehealthWorking with Peds dept and ITSS for Cox Health physician telehealth project to support remote physicain consult related to COVID-19 spike in rural MissouriProvides Cox Health care access to additional physicians if pediatriac COVID cases spike with school starting. 
Enterprise EngineeringClinicalWorking with  dept toOrthopedic Surgery configure Oculus VR headset for physician training.The virtual reality headsets are utilized for surgical training.
Enterprise EngineeringAcademicArtSci JAMF enrollment process and training. Setting ArtSci IT staff for their site and management.Creating administrative access zone for ArtSci technical staff  in management tool for Apple desktop and laptop devices. This will allow them to customize policies and applications to meet the needs of their environment.
Enterprise EngineeringClinicalProvided a means to synchronize Outlook contacts between multiple mobile devicesA working group have improved access to contact information for residents on mobile devices
Enterprise EngineeringClinicalKick off for VMWare upgrade initiated with ITSS. Approx 4500 clients to upgrade. Fixes USB redirection issue with Chrome and Chromium Edge browser upgrades. This impacts Mmodal also as the mics use USB.Software upgrade necessary for clinical care to resolve problems with USB devices connected to computers for providing patient care. 
Enterprise EngineeringAllWorking with networking and DS on several building Re-IP projects going on.As the networking team reallocates IP space for the network the teams must work together to ensure printing does not break as they get new IP addresses. 
Enterprise EngineeringSecurityCisco AMP logs are now being ingested in Splunk. InfoSec has reviewed and acknowledge they see them.  Task completed.Providing the Information Security teams access to all of the events in AMP so they can create dashboards and correlate security events with other tools they manage.
Enterprise EngineeringHR and FinanceNightly refresh of and cutover to a “read only” copy of HRMS has been discontinued — an early step in disassembling and decommissioning HRMS.Since HR and finance functions are now in Workday, the legacy HRMS and AIS systems are in a diminishing archive mode and this process will minimize the expense of the associated hardware footprint.
Enterprise EngineeringSurgery ITSharePoint migrations: Kicked off Pediatrics Infectious Diseases SharePoint Migration projectMajor component of the implementation of the WashU IT SharePoint strategy
Enterprise Engineering SharePoint migrations: Migrated SharePoint site to SPOPursuant to WashU IT SharePoint strategy
Enterprise Engineering SharePoint migrations: Downsized the disk drives on stage Azure SharePoint 2013 from 12TB to 8TB. Disk resize for prod scheduled for 8/20.Realization of cost savings made possible by migrating sites away from the on-prem SharePoint farm.
Enterprise EngineeringMedical SchoolReceived a new/replacement WSA proxy lab device, so we can test and validate the process of upgrading the proxies to v12.x software.First step in proxy upgrade to mitigate security vulnerabilities.
Enterprise EngineeringAllExecuted and documented disaster recovery process for restoring WUSTL Key active directory from a backup into a cloud environmentProves we have a DR path for a bare metal restore, and what resources are needed, WUSTL Key if the domains are compromised or lost due to a critical system failure.
Platform EngineeringWashU ITCompleted migration of Lyris SQL Server database from legacy host to shared SQL Server platformImproves database capability by moving to a newer version of the platform.
Platform EngineeringWashU ITCompleted migration of Occupational Therapy SLiC application development platform from legacy host to shared SQL Server platformImproves database capability by moving to a newer version of the platform.
Platform EngineeringDepartment of PathologyFixed replication issues for file services solutionBrought data replication process for Pathology file services into conformance with general file services offering.
Platform EngineeringWashU ITCompleted Splunk setup for ingestion of KMS license server logsIncreases the capability for troubleshooting and analysis of issues related to Microsoft license consumption.
Platform EngineeringPrivate Cloud CustomersCompleted pilot for VMware tools upgrade projectValidated process to standardize Platform Engineering servers with the same VMware hardware and software versions.
Platform EngineeringInformation SecurityCompleted build of Tenable server for CMMC environmentEnable Information Security to use Tenable to monitor security concerns in the CMMC environment.
Platform EngineeringInformation SecurityCompleted proof of concept for using Ansible for configuration management in the CMMC environmentEnhance capability for managing configurations in the CMMC environment.
Platform EngineeringAllCompleted initial setup for Microsoft Enterprise Skills Initiative program rolloutProvide additional training opportunities for a variety of Microsoft products and platforms.
Platform EngineeringOffice of Graduate Medical EducationCompleted onboarding of Graduate Medical Education as a Shared FileMaker hosting service customerProvide robust and secure database hosting utilizing the shared environment.
Platform EngineeringSchool of MedicineCompleted analysis and research of the current Box HIPAA agreementEnsure that the HIPAA agreement with Box continues to meet WashU expectations and requirements.
Platform EngineeringWashU ITCompleted computer object cleanup for the Active Directory server OUImprove ease of reporting and management by removing entries related to retired systems.
Platform EngineeringInformation SecurityCompleted integration of CrowdStrike and Rumble toolsImprove ease of identifying servers that do not have CrowdStrike installed.
Platform EngineeringAD-VC vCenterCompleted upgrade of Active Directory Virtual Center hosting environmentResulted in a secure, fully supported version of vCenter for management of the “ADVM” hosts.
Platform EngineeringInformation SecurityCompleted participation of the security assessment for MDclone system environmentsEnsuring that application data is being used and stored in a manner consistent with information security guidelines and requirements.
Systems Operations Center Assisted WUIT Admin staff to have staff let movers in for moving equipment and supplies from West Campus to North CampusClear out work day area for the staff working on the SIS conversion to work day
Systems Operations Center Received new server for the new Veeam site B backup platform  Will allow for the retirement of legacy IS&T Veeam backup hardware
Systems Operations Center Worked with WUIT Admin to record physical asset in work dayRecorded physical assets in the new accounting platform
Systems Operations Center Worked on renewing server and other hardware supportKeep WUIT and ArtSci hardware under support
Systems Operations Center Updated call list on servers for staff in EEUpdated out dated call list for EE servers
Systems Operations Center Updated patch windows on EE share point servers Moved servers back to normal patch windows, moved to accomodate the share point patching done in July
Systems Operations Center Performing weekly data center walk thrus Doing on site review of the data centers looking for servers in alarmed state