What’s New with Zoom?

Submitted by Matt Arthur

There are always new challenges to face in a virtual working environment, and that’s why WashU IT busy at work to create an even better Zoom experience for you, enhancing accessibility and collaboration. The latest updates for your Zoom experience are:

  • A new version of the Zoom app is currently being pushed out to all WashU IT managed computers through the first week in September. If any issues arise, please contact the WashU IT Service Desk (contact info below).
  • Starting with this Zoom app update, WashU IT will be pushing out new versions to all users quarterly. In the past, these updates were made semi-annually. With more frequent updates, you can rest assured that your Zoom calls have the most recent improvements in security and efficiency.
  • HIPAA Zoom accounts can now enable live transcription to provide closed captioning to any meeting automatically. Meeting hosts can turn this option on by clicking ‘Live Transcript’ while in the meeting. 
  • Users can now also select alternative hosts and provide scheduling privileges between HIPAA and non-HIPAA Zoom.

If you having technical challenges with your WashU Zoom account, please contact the WashU IT Service Desk at ithelp@wustl.edu or at (314) 933-3333.