What’s Happening in EUS: Service Desk- Let’s Collaborate!

Submitted by Lisa Jordan

WashU IT is a complex and ever-changing organization. As the front door to WashU IT, the Service Desk has to find ways to stay current with all organizational and technical enhancements in order to offer the best service possible.  Communication is paramount in this complex environment.  Another way is through collaboration.  But what is collaboration and what does it mean to collaborate with the Service Desk?

Collaboration is the action of working with someone to produce or create something.  Collaboration in a workplace involves a group of people sharing their ideas and skills in order to achieve a common goal. 

The common goal between your team and ours is that we all assist WashU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and guests with their issues and requests.  By working together openly, we can all be more innovative, efficient, and successful.  Collaborating also leads to improved communication.

Ways to collaborate with the Service Desk:

  • Work with us on Knowledge Base articles to ensure we are all working with the most current and accurate information
  • Help us define processes which will allow us to work more consistently
  • Work with us on communication to be shared with our team
  • Be open with feedback, so we can see where we are succeeding or where we need to focus coaching and/or training
  • Set up meetings with Service Desk managers, our Technical Lead, or our Sr. Techs to keep open communication flowing amongst our teams
  • Join us in our team meetings to meet the team and share some information

Do you like collaboration, communication and teamwork as much as we do? If so, feel free to reach out and help us to continue enhancing our customer service!