Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Accomplishments- August 24, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Please see listed below projects that have been released since our last Tuesday Tech submission.

Domain AlignmentProject NameSummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
AdvancementMonthly Payroll Deduction Autosys job ran in errorSupport for University Advancement legacy system. Darrin Hutchinson7/19/21
Sharepoint Migration EA-7944 Protective Services: SharePoint Collaboration Site Migration to TeamsMigration of the Protective Services SharePoint collaboration site to a SharePoint Online / Teams site.
 This was our first collaboration site migration, and a major step towards decommissioning the SharePoint 2013 farm.
Thomas Hildebrand, Bill Bernickus, Andre Neal7/27/21
StudentEA-8348  COVID-19 Compliance Course ProvisioningCreated a course in SIS in Canvas for the tracking of COVID-19 ComplianceAmy Schroeder, Andrew Carver, Janet Deyarmin, Jimmy Johnson, Kristina Karrenbrock, Ted Hindes7/27/21
Sharepoint Migration
EA-8664 – Student Financial Services Document Repository MigrationMigration of Student Financial Services document storage/search/indexing from SharePoint on-premise to KL Cloud and Azure.
This site was one of our largest scale migrations to date and also allowed us to deprecate the old KL on-premise viewer contained within STAR.
This itself was an important first step in STARís decommissioning, as document viewing is now done through KL.
Allison Grindon, Bill Bernickus, David Lender, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand7/29/21
WUSMEA-9458  myIRB: Release Version 5.52.1Quinn Yancey7/29/21
Sharepoint Migration EA-8665 – Chancellor Emeritus Document Repository MigrationMigration of the Office of the Chancellor Emeritus document storage from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online. This was
 important in the preservation of these documents for both his office and for the Olin Librariesí special collections. 
Allison Grindon, Bill Bernickus, Maarten Houthuijzen, Roger Portillo, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand7/30/21
MyDay HCMWD: EA-TX: Workday Deployments 07/31/2021Workday Go Live Cut over Activites for HCMSherri Woolard, Brett Blackwell7/31/21
AdvancementEA-9554 – Problem with formatting in the Ruffalo Cody export filesSupport for University Advancement legacy system. Darrin Hutchinson8/3/21
EA-9555 – SUBS Awards Replacement App — (HotFix 08032021) ReleaseAfter the RMS Workday implementation, discovered the need to increase department code and department name lengths when loading projects into SUBS from RMS.Dule Djurasevic, Richard Pryzma, Karen Drullat, Veleria Boaten, Steve Sparks, Andy Zaruba, Andrew Jackson8/3/21
Sharepoint Migration EA-8934 – McDonnell Scholars Collab Site KL AdditionCreation of McDonnell Scholars SharePoint Online environment and KnowledgeLake integration for document storage/search/indexing.
This follows a shutdown last year of their on-premise KL instance and helps them migrate to a more modern and supported document management environment.
Allison Grindon, Bill Bernickus, Roger Portillo, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand8/9/21
StudentEA-8760  VAM> EMS Summer 2021 UpgradeSummer upgrade to the current Event Management System. 
New features include an integration with Zoom, FAMIS 360 and a ASP.Net Core Upgrade along with resolution to reported defects.
Amy Schroeder, Andrew Carver, Bill Kleeschulte, Janet Deyarmin, Ted Hindes8/10/21
StudentEA-8175  UC/LLI Create ID for Batch TransactionsSupport for University College and Lifelong Learning Institute. Andrew Jackson8/12/21
EA-9407  SUBS Awards Replacement App — Sprints 39 thru 42 ReleasesScheduled sprint release after workday go-live to provide
agreed upon  priority 2 and 3 features and bug fixes. 
Dule Djurasevic, Richard Pryzma, Karen Drullat, Veleria Boaten, Steve Sparks, Andy Zaruba, Andrew Jackson8/16/21
AdvancementEA-9573 Add Proposal Notes file in FPMSupport for University Advancement legacy system. Darrin Hutchinson8/19/21
EA-8989 RMS: Future hire date logic revisions – CC-1816This change allows future hires that cross fiscal years to process correctly in the RMS system.
Workday testing identified that future hires 7/1 or later were showing up in the current fiscal year instead of the upcoming year.
Eric Kallbrier, Bill Hunn, Sam Smith, Bob Menendez, Chris Reynolds, Yolanda Williams8/19/21