Shared Infrastructure

The Latest in Shared Infrastructure- June Accomplishments

Submitted by David Sterling

The Shared Infrastructure team had a busy month in June! Check out all the team’s latest accomplishments.

TeamBusiness Areas of InterestAccomplishmentImpact
Enterprise EngineeringMyDay DeploymentCompleted MyDay Sidekick browser plug-in deployments prior to MyDay Go-LiveProvides help inside of Workday when and where customers need it most.
Enterprise Engineering Turned off the domainThis is the 37th domain retirement; reducing complexity and vulnerability in our environment
Enterprise EngineeringMyDay DeploymentPhase 1 GPO changes for MyDay changes. Linked GPOs in the collapsing OU to the new consolidated OU – they all have Security filtering so no impact. When users move to their new home OU, they still receive same GPOs. Did this for eight pairs of OUs.
Enterprise EngineeringMyDay DeploymentSidekick for Mac deployments completed.Provides help inside of Workday when and where customers need it most.
Enterprise EngineeringMedical SchoolCompleted Citrix removal from ECV machines (102 systems) Provides more accurate reporting of computers that require Citrix installation
Enterprise EngineeringMyDay IntegrationCompleted Knowledge Lake MyDay integration button deploymentAllows AP workers to save keying time and eliminating typing errors by capturing information off of a WorkDay Invoice screen and apply it to index fields in KnowledgeLake when they are uploading document images.
Enterprise EngineeringInfosecCompleted computer build/software install documentation for WUSTL Secure EnclaveProvides instructions for the WashU IT Depot to build and configure Windows endpoints for the WUSTL Secure Enclave
Enterprise EngineeringInfosecCMMC ActiveDirectory is logging to Splunk instance in GCC-HighCollection of A/D events into centralized machine data intelligence platform. Other data to follow as secure enclave implementation and usage develop.
Enterprise EngineeringMedical SchoolCompleted Mmodal deployments to Med SchoolProvides updated clinical dictation software for use my the Medical School
Enterprise EngineeringMedical SchoolCitrix Workspace upgrade deployments completed.Prepared WashU IT managed endpoints for pending Epic clinical EMR software upgrade 
Enterprise EngineeringAll of WashUMigration of Papercut databases to an highly available SQL Always On platformProvides fault-tolerance for reporting and billing features of Papercut printing platform
Enterprise EngineeringMyDay IntegrationIDM cutover to WorkdayIDM sourcing HR and FIN data from Workday instead of HRMS/AIS
Network EngineeringFaculty Practice PlanImplemented NAC “Enforcement” for NAC Pilot Phase 3 Go-live.This concludes the 1st Technical Pilot in the Secure the WUSM Network Acess Control (NAC) effort and implemented the enforcement requiring user and machince authentication certificates for WUIT managed devices allowing access to resources as needed and forcing all others (BYOD) devices to Internet only access. Heritage Building was the location of the pilot.
Network EngineeringBrown SchoolDeactivated legacy Brown School VPN profile.Migrated Brown School Remote access users to a more secure  log in process (2FA), increae performancs throughput, and more unified profile and hardware appliance.
Network EngineeringSchool of EngineeringCompleted the move of floor 2 and 3 of Lopata, Urbaur and Jolley to new distribution switch on the 1st floor of Lopata.Allowed renovation effort to continue and enabled a more standard configuraiton.
Network EngineeringDanforth CampusCompleted the Tisch Park Outdoor Wireless expansion projectIncreased outdoor wireless access in Tisch Park enabling more student connectivy coverage.
Network EngineeringMedSchool – Department of Biochemistry and BiophysicsCompleted the installation of a new WURN on-Ramp supporting the new Chair of the Biochem department Dr. GarciaThis WURN expansion supports high speed data transfers for research activities between Dr. Garcia’s lab and RIS computing resources.
Network EngineeringMedSchool FacilitiesDecommissioned network and UPS services in the COVID testing tentThis shut down the outdoor testing tents moving further testing to appropriate indoor facilities.
Network EngineeringDanforth Facilities/School of EngineeringWorked with Facilities to track down an electrical noise interference in the lower level of Rudolph Hall. The interference was severely impairing an electron microscope for an Engineering School dept..  Facilities believes it’s a grounding issue within their main electrical panel.
Platform EngineeringActive Directory Completed replacement of Active Directory vCenter platform to bring the AD management platform up to most current versionSubstantially enhanced the information security of the platform environment that hosts the majority of the WashU IT’s critical Active Directory (WUSTL Key) servers.
Platform EngineeringWashU IT ServersCompleted Ingestion of Platform Logs into Splunk project.Ingesting Windows, Red Hat, Crowdstrike, Database server, and Web server logs into Splunk in preparation for increased data analysis.
Platform EngineeringPlatform Engineering ProcessCompleted PE Proof of Concept Through Production Workflow project.Developed and implemented a standard Proof of Concept (POC) process for Platform Engineering.
Systems Operations CenterMedSchool FacilitiesConfigured/installed new network switches in the Boulevard building and Olin Dorm for construction effortsUpdated network hardware in a renovated building
Systems Operations CenterWUSM ITSSConfigured /installed new network switches in Olin Dorm for WUSM ITSS moveWUSM ITSS is now able to image desktops in their new location
Systems Operations Center Replaced the optics at the 900 Walnut to stabilize the I2 connectionThis makes the internect connections to the world for the University redundant and reliable
Systems Operations Center Shredding event:  2,724 hard drives (1,938 lbs.),  2,210 backup tapes (1,012 lbs.), 9,600 WashU checks and 226 CDs were shreddedHard drives, tapes, and CDs being destroyed makes sure no data finds it way out side of WashU.  The checks destroyed remove a liablility of having  WashU checks with account information on them.  
Systems Operations CenterWorkdayCommand Center worked with Workday staff to setup alerts for failed jobs in Pager DutyCreated a process for alerting Workday on-call staff when off hour failures accure.   
Systems Operations CenterWorkdayCreated new contact groups in the CMS (Configuration Management System) to use for Workday support using Pager DutyUsing the same platform for all contact groups help simplify knowing were to find the on-call list.
Systems Operations CenterWorkdayCreated two new contact groups in the CMS to use for work day support using AutoSysNew contact groups allow the groups to be aligned with the new job names in AutoSys
Systems Operations CenterInfosecCoordinated with Infosec to get approval for data to be copied to an external drive for a research lab leaving the UniversityStarted the process of outlining steps that need to occur when these kind of request arrive in the Command Center.  
Systems Operations CenterWUSM ITSSCoordinated with WUSM ITSS on validating the process for when research labs leave the University.First time using process lead to mutiple conversations about what is required and refining how the process will be followed going forward
Systems Operations CenterData CenterCoordinated with Neurology and WUSM ITSS to decommission the Neurology data center in McMillan Building on the Med School CampusRemoving more technology debt for the University and freeing up a room to be used by medical personel.  
Systems Operations CenterAfter Hour supportCommand Center received 270 after hour calls for the month of June in the Command Center (an increase in calls of 35% from May).  In June of 2021 Command Center received 157 after hour calls. The after hour support is being used by the staff at the University at a higher rate than before.  
Systems Operations CenterAfter Hour supportCommand Center created a 127 incidents during after hour (non-business hours)Work contiues to happen at the University every hour of every day.
Systems Operations CenterData CenterCommand Center coordinated with IA and Data Center Critical Facilities to clear out an old CIT rack at the Research Data Center for use by a Medical School Department.Technology debt removed for new technology to be deployed
Systems Operations CenterServer patchingPatched servers supported by WashU IT in Windows 0, 1, and 2.WUIT supported servers are running with the most up to date security patches