Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Accomplishments- July 27, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Please see listed below projects that have been released since our last Tuesday Tech submission.

Domain AlignmentKeyProject NameSummaryProject TeamImplementation Date
Student  EA-7953EA-7953 – Implement DRA PFTermsTranstoIDM This project identified security access for active transfers and terminated users to the PowerFaids system to IDM.Karen Leingang, Andy Zaruba, Jason Kemmery, Brett Blackwell, Janet Deyarmin 7/2/21
EA-8494EA-8494: Implementation Checklist – ePARS 07/13/2021 Change BundleThis project was part of the MyDay Cut over activities from legacy ePARS to Workday. Brett Blackwell, Mark Craig7/13/21
Student EA-6943EA-6943-PF2: Work Study Award File – PF to Workday Integration This project provides the active workstudy students and their award amounts from Powerfaids to Workday.Karen Leingang, Jeff Freeman, Andy Zaruba, Jason Clevenger, Brett Blackwell, Jane Sterling7/14/21
EA-3283Workday Integrations for RMSThis project was the implementation of Workday with RMS.
The team successfully migrated the systems along with integrations that send data to and from RMS.
Bill Hunn, Yolanda Williams, Cory Cullen, Erik Kallbrier,
Emily Asbury, Travis Mossotti, Jean Shuler, Andrea Raymond, Bob Menendez, Karen Drullat
Enabling Apps
EA-8663EA-8663 – Accounts Payable Document Repository Migration This project moved the Accounts Payable document repository (approx. 4.8 million documents) from SharePoint on-premise to KnowledgeLake Cloud and Azure. This project also provided support to the AP Workday connector.
Allison Grindon, Bill Bernickus, David Lender, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand 7/14/21 

EA-7861 – Danforth P&T: FY22EA-7861 – Danforth P&T: FY22 Permit/UPass Renewal & MyDay Refactoring 7/16/2021 served as the silent go live for the Student Fall UPass Go Live. 
The work on 7/16/2021 allowed Freshman to purchase Fall UPasses effective 7/19/21 and Upper Classmen effective 7/20/2021. 
Carmanisha Edwards, Christopher Schmittling, Julie Fugina, Samuel Smith, Sarah Everett 7/16/21