Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Accomplishments- June 15, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Please see listed below projects that have been released since our last Tuesday Tech submission.

Domain AlignmentKeyProject NameProject TeamImplementation Date
Finance JCL – AIS – FYE – Data Generation RequestBill Kallbrier06/02/2021
Enabling Apps Key Solutions UAT systems updated to version McKinney05/28/2021
WUSMEA-9144EA-9144 – myIRB: Release version 5.52.0Quinn Yancey06/10/2021
MyDay, Research Workday Deployments 06/02/2021 (RMS)Cory Cullen, Emily Asbury, Eric Kallbrier, William Hunn, Yolanda Williams06/02/2021
Enabling AppsEA-8195EA-8195 – Real Estate Document Repository Migration to SharePoint OnlineAllison Grindon, Bill Bernickus, Josh Kelahan, Roger Portillo, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand06/09/2021
MyDay, WUSMEA-2791EA-2791 – MyDay: Workday Integrations for WUSM Data Store Faculty ApplyAndrew Brimer, Igor Soyfer06/08/2021
MyDay, WUSMEA-2791EA-2791 – MyDay: Workday Integrations for WUSM Data Store APGARAndrew Brimer, Igor Soyfer06/08/2021
MyDay, HCMEA-8513EA-8513: HRMS Autosys 6/4/2021 Change BundleSherri Woolard06/07/2021
MyDay, HCMEA-8490EA-8490: HRMS Tracking changes during Blackout (Trigger Development)Sherri Woolard, Amar Sareddy06/11/2021
MyDay, HCMEA-8498EA-8498: HRMS Blackout Security Change BundleSherri Woolard, Amar Sareddy06/11/2021
MyDay, HCMEA-8499EA-8499: HRMS Autosys 6/11/2021 Change BundleSherri Woolard, Scot Mitchell06/11/2021
MyDay, FINEA-8706EA-8706 – FIN – Blackout Security Change Bundle (6/11/2021)Brett Blackwell06/11/2021
MyDay, StudentEA-2836EA-2836 – Reserve-A-Space(EMS) – Database and View – Workday Pre-Cutover (handle Linked Server Task)Jane Pack, Michael Ahearn06/11/2021
Enterprise Applications EA Integrations Console – Correct token value and redeploy EA.INT.Console to ProdAndy Zaruba06/02/2021
University Advancement SQL – ADIS – RCG Code TypoBill Kallbrier06/09/2021
Research EA-9184 EA-9184 – SUBS Awards Replacement App – Hotfix (07June2021) ReleaseVal Boaten, Richard Pryzma, Dule Djurasevic, Karen Drullat06/07/2021
University AdvancementEA-9177EA-9177 – Problem with Secondary Solicitors not showing in FPM under proposalsDarrin Hutchinson06/09/2021
StudentEA-8978EA-8978 – Update Academic Yr. on FFP website to FL21-SP22Janet Deyarmin, Jeff Freeman, Karen Leingang, Ted Hindes06/10/2021