Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Accomplishments- May 18, 2021

Submitted by Veleria Boaten

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Below is a list of the projects they have completed in the last couple of weeks.

Domain AlignmentKeyJira NameDate ImplementedProject Team
Enabling AppsEA-8757OneWustl: May 2021 Enable Microsoft Connector04/29/2021Michele Harashe
WUSMEA-2734Secure Online Forms (JotForms for WUSM)05/12/2021Carmanisha Edwards, Dan Williams
StudentEA-8396Handle Null SIS IDs in Math Placement, Improve Logging, Performance05/07/2021Andrew Jackson
ResearchEA-2953EA-2953 – SUBS Awards Replacement App – Sprint 36 Release05/10/2021Andy Zaruba, Bill Lancaster, Dule Djurasevic
, Jason Clevenger, Josh Edwards, Karen Drullat
, Kenndall Dolan, Mark Craig, Richard Pryzma
, Steve Sparks, Valerie White, Veleria Boaten
, William Hunn
My Day, HRMSEA-8857EA-8857 – HRMS – Benefits Email Changes for Cutover 5/11/202105/11/2021John Murphy, Sherri Woolard, Rampriya Kasinathan
My Day, HRMSEA-8935EA-8935 – Autosys – 5/14/2021 – Integration Deployment Window05/06/2021John Murphy, Brett Blackwell
MyDay, Enabling AppsEA-2851EA-2851 – MyDay: Workday Integrations for SABA Moving DRA into production for staging05/14/2021Andy Zaruba, Carrie Maynard,
 Matthew House,
Brian Railey,
Raj Parihar,
Meekee McDougald
Enabling Apps,
My Day
EA-6058EA-6058 – MyDay: RNEWS Integration Refactor Moving DRA into production for staging05/14/2021Andy Zaruba,
Emily Follman,
Jeremy Dodt,
Matt House, Jean Shuler
My Day, ResearchEA-3283EA-3283 – MyDay: Workday Integrations for RMS Moving DRA into production for staging05/15/2021Andy Zaruba,
Cory Cullen,
Emily Asbury,
Eric Kallbrier,
Jean Shuler,
Bob Menendez, 
Travis Mossotti,
William Hunn,
Yolanda Williams,
Igor Soyfer