Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Accomplishments- March 23, 2021

Submitted by Jennie Franke

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Below is a list of the projects they have completed in the last couple of weeks.

Domain AlignmentKeyProject NameDate ImplementedProject Team
ResearchEA-6025SUBS Outbound User List (Termination Report)3/4/2021Val Boaten, Meher Pedasinghu, Richard Pryzma, Amar Sareddy, Andrew Jackson
StudentEA-3986SIS Web Servers Upgrade – 2008 Mitigation3/9/2021Allison Grindon, Josh Kelahan, Maarten Houthuijzen, Nicholas Thoms, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand  
HREA-8060Tax Update 21-A3/11/2021Steve Rosenow
Enabling AppsEA-7997ServiceNow Upgrade from Paris/Orlando to Quebec3/12/2021
Greg Clemon, Kevin Peppers, Laurel Repinski