Faces of STS – Russell Beckham

Submitted by Oana Jackson

Name: Russell Beckham
Graduation Year: 2021
Major: Urban Studies
Hometown: Springfield, VA
Position: Student Manager

How long have you been with STS?
+ 3 years

Favorite thing to eat on campus?
The spicy curry village stir fry from last year that they only had for a few weeks

Who’s your favorite coworker and why?
Isaiah Ware because he used to give ice cream and food for shift changes. I appreciate you even though you probably forgot about that 😉

What do you want to change at STS?
To make the culture at STS an even more positive and fun environment than it’s been already.

What advice would you give to someone starting out at STS?
Always ask questions and to be willing to learn from your mistakes.

What is a fact that isn’t commonly known about you?
I used to be on a swim team with international Olympic swimmers.

How have Zoom classes been for you compared to regular classes?
They make it easier to get to class on time but harder to get to know the people in your classes you haven’t met before.