Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Achievements: February 23, 2021

Submitted by Jennie Franke

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Below is a list of the projects they have completed in the last several of weeks.

Domain AlignmentKeyProject NameDate ImplementedProject Team
WUSM, StudentEA-6668Axion – student fields1/14/2021Raj Parihar, Valerie Rippey, Dan Williams, Carmanisha Edwards
 EA-7044PASS – Add Room and Floorplan Image Management1/21/2021Carmanisha Edwards, Nguyen Pham, Theresa Smallwood
Enabling AppsEA-6217DocuSign CFR 21 part 11 module1/28/2021Michele Harashe
StudentEA-7183Diploma mailing enhancements1/28/2021Janet Deyarmin, Jason Kemmery, Jimmy Johnson, Patrick O’Leary, Ted Hindes
StudentEA-6935Add Fields to UC Admin Enrollment Report1/28/2021Janet Deyarmin, Jason Kemmery, Jimmy Johnson, Patrick O’Leary, Ted Hindes
StudentEA-7186PEP New Year Startup for school year 21-221/28/2021Chris Reynolds, Janet Deyarmin, Jeff Freeman, Karen Leingang, Michael Ahearn, Patrick O’Leary, Roger Portillo
ResearchEA-8014SUBS Awards Replacement App — Sprint 29 Release1/28/2021Val Boaten, Bill Kallbrier, Richard Pryzma, Bill Lancaster, Steve Sparks, Andy Zaruba
StudentEA-7593Syllabi Central Updates, Pt. 21/28/2021Janet Deyarmin, Jason Kemmery, Amy Schroeder, Jimmy Johnson, Chris Reynolds, Ted Hindes
Enabling AppsEA-7935DocuSign: February 2021 Upgrade2/4/2021Michele Harashe
StudentEA-7591LLI Notes Field Bug Fix, Pt. 12/4/2021Janet Deyarmin, Jason Kemmery, Amy Schroeder, Chris Reynolds, Ted Hindes
Enabling AppsEA-7159Service Now Problem Management Implementation2/5/2021John Stephen, Greg Clemon, Becky Lineberry, Brian Chapman, Jennifer Zayed
Enabling AppsEA-7971Qualtrics: Offline Surveys App – Android Deprecation on Version 5.0 or older2/6/2021Michele Harashe
Enabling AppsEA-6646Qualtrics: January 2021 Upgrade Review2/6/2021Michele Harashe
FinanceEA-6698Capture additional data field for AIS/MyDay conversion process2/11/2021Allen Schanz, Brett Blackwell, Dan Skillington, Greg Clemon
Enabling AppsEA-8088Atlassian: Confluence Upgrade & Images Display Bug Fix February 20212/11/2021Michele Harashe, Michael Ahearn
StudentEA-7981VAM> PowerFAIDS Upgrade – Feb 20212/18/2021Raji Lakshmanan, Bill Kleeschulte, David Leisure, Karen Leingang
StudentEA-7976SIS Student Accounting Date Conversion Bug (PowerBuilder)2/18/2021Janet Deyarmin, Jimmy Johnson, Kristina Karrenbrock, Ted Hindes
StudentEA-3620Honors buffer – add edit to require semester selection to apply2/18/2021Charles Montgomery, Janet Deyarmin, Jimmy Johnson, Patrick O’Leary, Ted Hinde
Enabling AppsEA-6958Systems and Procedures Document Repository Migration to Azure2/18/2021Allison Grindon, Bill Bernickus, David Lender, Theresa Buchanan, Thomas Hildebrand