Enterprise Applications

Recent Enterprise Applications Achievements- January 26, 2021

Submitted by Jennie Franke

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Below is a list of the projects they have completed in the last couple of weeks.

Domain AlignmentKeyProject NameDate ImplementedProject Team
Data ManagementEA-6494Economic Impact Study – 20201/5/2021Valerie Rippey
StudentEA-3487GCO Code Changes1/12/2021Amy Schroeder, Charles Montgomery, Janet Deyarmin, Jimmy Johnson, Ted Hindes
Enabling AppsEA-7992OneWustl: Vendor Performance Hot Fix1/14/2021Michele Harashe
Enabling AppsEA-7886Qualtrics: Enable SMS Distribution on Specific User Profiles1/14/2021Michele Harashe
StudentEA-5571Student system security app1/14/2021Janet Deyarmin, Kristina Karrenbrock, Ted Hindes
StudentEA-7593Syllabi Central Updates1/21/2021Amy Schroeder, Chris Reynolds, Janet Deyarmin, Jason Kemmery, Ted Hindes
StudentEA-4146VAM> EMS Upgrade1/21/2021
Amy Schroeder, Bill Kleeschulte, David Leisure, Janet Deyarmin