Enterprise Applications

Recent Enterprise Accomplishments – December 29, 2020

Submitted by Jennie Franke

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Below is a list of the projects they have completed in the last couple of weeks.

Domain AlignmentKeyProject NameDate ImplementedProject Team
WUSMEA-7143ICTS Password Protected Documents12/17/2020Carmanisha Edwards, Theresa Smallwood
WUSMEA-7045JIT – Merge Cores MGI & GTAC into GTAC@MGI12/17/2020Carmanisha Edwards, Nguyen Pham, Theresa Smallwood
Human ResourcesEA-6936SN HR Operations add-on to existing Benefits Service Center12/17/2020Dan Skillington, Greg Clemon, Kevin Peppers
StudentEA-7233Zoom Integration with Canvas Calendar and Conversations12/21/2020Andrew Carver