Enterprise Applications

Renaming TTO Meeting to Deployment Gate

Submitted by Jennie Franke

For the past year, EA has been running all changes through a weekly EA TTO (Transition to Operations) meeting. However, as this meeting has matured, the agenda and objective of this meeting has reflected a final Deployment Check rather than focusing just on transition activities. In order to better reflect the purpose of the meeting, Matt Vore (the meeting host) has renamed the meeting to the EA Deployment Gate.

During the Deployment Gate, each change is reviewed on the following:

  1. Summary of Change – for representation at CAB
  2. Outage
  3. Customer
  4. Communication
  5. Implementation date and who will be implementing
  6. PAC Folder review *
  7. Implementation Checklist review *
  8. TTO Checklist Review *
  9. CAB Request for Work Review *
  10. TTO Approval *

* Tier 3 (EA-T3) and above

The Deployment Gate does not replace the TTO process. Because 70% or more of EA changes are small, this allows the transition discussion to adequately occur in the Deployment Gate meeting. However, for larger change efforts, TTO discussions should begin during requirements and occur throughout the duration of the project.

Please reach out to Matt Vore or Carrie Maynard if you have any questions regarding the Deployment Gate or TTO.