Keystone Implementation

Submitted by Janet Deyarmin

In July 2020, Enterprise Applications (EA) and Washington University School of Medicine (WUSM) successfully launched the Elentra Teaching and Learning Platform (called Keystone). Initially the system was only available to faculty in preparation for the upcoming semester, but on Sept. 14, the platform became available for student use. This platform meets a shared goal of delivering an integrated Competency-Based Medical Education (CMPE) experience for medical students and faculty. The implementation was carefully planned to align with Office of Medical Student Education’s (OMSE) implementation of the new Gateway Curriculum theme.

During this past year, Michael Fariborz, EA developer, delivered a major contribution to the Elentra consortium shared code base to enhance the Room Reservation System and will be presenting this solution at the Elentra Engage 2020 Conference on October 15th. This enhancement allows schools that do not have a Room Reservation System, the ability to reserve rooms within Elentra and be notified if said room is already reserved for that period of time.

Additional enhancements shared with the consortium include:

· enhancements to the WYSIWYG Editor (fixing an issue with Indent button and adding Color Picker)

· automatically creating links if locations are virtual locations (i.e. Zoom Meetings)

· the ability to specify non-binary genders

· various event related enhancements

During the next two phases, EA will continue to work closely with OMSE, key stakeholders and the Elentra consortium to deliver additional functionality to further expand on the goal of delivering an integrated Competency–Based Medical Education for medical students and faculty at WUSM while developing Keystone into a fully functioning integrated teaching and learning platform to successfully deliver the MD curriculum.