Enterprise Applications

Recent EA Implementations- September 22, 2020

Submitted by Jennie Franke

Enterprise Applications is working on a variety of projects. Below is a list of the projects they have completed in the last couple of weeks.

Domain AlignmentKeyProject NameDate ImplementedProject Team
WUSMEA-4221CARS CTRU Enhancements9/3/2020Carmanisha Edwards
Dan Williams
Nguyen Pham
Theresa Smallwood
HREA-5940HRMS Flu shot LabCorp/Axion9/10/2020Dan Skillington
Greg Clemon
Janet McElroy
Sherri Woolard
Enabling AppsEA-5831SharePoint Strategy KL Cloud Migrations: Systems & Procedures9/10/2020Allison Grindon
Bill Bernickus
David Lender
Theresa Buchanan
Thomas Hildebrand
EA-2818Elentra/Keystone implementation9/14/2020Mike Fariborz
Janet Deyarmin
StudentEA-6712Special SIS Journal for Student Accounting9/17/2020Kristina Karrenbrock
Enabling AppsEA-3236Upgrade for WUSM.service-now.com from New York to Paris9/19/2020Kevin Peppers
Gregory Clemon