32 Years of Outstanding Work- Steve Westlund Retirement

Submitted by Amy Walter

After 32 years at Washington University, Steve Westlund, Director of Enterprise Applications, will be retiring on September 30, 2020. 

Throughout his tenure, Steve has led many successful initiatives within WashU IT and made significant contributions to both WashU IT and the University at large.  His ability to connect with our business partners and identify their unique needs has aided him as he led several transformative efforts, from the Accounts Payable and Financial Information System (FIS) implementations and the work in the migration of these systems to our Administrative Information Systems (AIS) platform, to the build and implementation of Research Administration Systems (RAS).  His provision of self-service functionality within these systems was and still is a huge advantage to the university community.  More recently, Steve managed the vast ecosystem of our systems supporting WashU Students, leading the design and implementation of the state of the art Undergraduate Admissions (UA) and Student Information Systems (SIS), before moving onto the MyDay program to manage the retirement of this UA system as it was replaced by Slate and begin navigating the retirement of AIS and HRMS as it transitions to WorkDay.

In all of his work, Steve demonstrates commendable leadership skills by understanding and articulating the goals and vision of the University as a whole as well as the units he serves, his department and his team.  His planning skills and strong work ethic have set a positive example and a high standard both for his direct reports as well as his peers and colleagues.  Steve has been a great asset to the University intellectually and spiritually, with continued determination and meaningful focus. 

In conjunction with his role of employee at WashU, Steve has also been a member of our faculty, teaching courses at WashU School of Engineering for 8 years, and for the past 12 years he has taught at the Global Campus at Colorado State University in Aurora, CO.  Prior to his time at WashU, Steve served in a variety of roles – most notably as a military contractor who programmed software that was used in the first Gulf War!  When not at work, Steve is a HAM Radio operator communicating with people worldwide, an accomplished musician who performs frequently with a group of other musicians, a licensed pilot flying the skies, and an avid runner!  Many of us who have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Steve delight in learning about his eclectic interests and find, from time to time, our paths have crossed in unexpected ways.

Steve has been and will always be a true member of the Washington University community.  As an employee, an instructor, a mentor, a WashU alum himself and a parent of two graduates, Steve embodies the mission and vision of our campus and his legacy will continue in the hearts and minds of all the people who have worked with him over the years.  He will be truly missed!

Details of a virtual retirement celebration are forthcoming, but in the meantime please join me in congratulating Steve and thanking him for the vast impact he has made at WashU.