Customers will find the Telephone and Voicemail service offering useful for conducting business communications. This service offering includes VoIP phones with voicemail and long distance capabilities. Additional capabilities are listed under “Features & Options” and you can find helpful How To information under the “Training and How To” section. International long distance authorization codes and bridge line conferencing service are also included.

The service also includes Emergency Response Telephones, which provide direct connection to Washington University Police or 911 Public-Safety Answering Point (PSAP) when an immediate response is needed. The service is accessed via “Blue Light” telephones distributed across the Danforth Campus and targeted off campus properties (excluding Medical Campus).

Requirements & Considerations

This service is not intended for Medical Campus. The Telecommunications Facilities Corporation (TFC) is the service provider at the Medical Campus. Call (314) 362-2888 to request services.

Features & Options

  • Voice Communication Service for the Danforth Campus
  • Standard Telephone Service
    • Two-Line Telephone
      • Programmable keys and settings
      • Two-way speakerphone
    • Simplified Dial Plan
      • 5-digit dialing to Danforth Campus numbers
      • 10-digit dialing to non-campus numbers
      • No need to dial 9 for local calls
      • No need to dial 9-1 for long distance calls
    • Free Domestic Long Distance Calling
    • Caller ID
    • Call Log
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Transfer
    • Conferencing
  • Enhanced Telephone Service
    • Hoteling: Any Danforth Campus phone assumes your user profile upon login
    • Online Management of Phone Features and Preferences
    • Click to Dial
      • Click recent number from call log to dial
      • Click contact from address list to dial
    • Voicemail
      • Standard Voicemail Box on Physical Phone
      • Voicemail Notifications in Microsoft Outlook Email Inbox
    • Improved Emergency Notification for 911 Calls
    • Unified Communications
      • Single Number Reach: Enable multiple devices to receive calls made to your Danforth campus work number
      • Mobility: Move calls from your desk phone to cell phone (and vice versa) with no interruption to the call
    • Standard Call Center Features and Reports
    • Call Recording
    • Encryption
  • Install, disconnect and repair “Blue Light” telephones across Danforth Campuses and Off Campus properties. These features are available through Mitel VoIP but are not currently in place. They can be requested for individual activation.

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

The following table lists the service fulfillment target for each service request:

Service RequestFulfillment Target
Assignment of Toll Free number, authorization code for international dialing5 business days
Changes to existing Call Center5 business days
Consulting ServicesSchedule will be defined as scope is understood.
Installation, relocation of dial tone to existing jack10 business days with exception of times of heavy construction/renovation/special projects
Installation or change for voicemail or automated attendant5 business days
Installation of Call Center5 weeks
Process billing change requests5 business days
Reporting5 business days
Request New Blue LightWe will meet with you within 5 business days to gather your requirements.
Training5 business days

The Telephone and Voicemail Service Offerings are included within the Telecommunication Service. The complete Service Level Expectation (SLE) document for the Telecommunication Service can be found here: Telecommunication Service SLE (PDF).

Training & How To

Training will be provided upon request: Request-Training Form.

VoIP How To