WashU IT simplifies the configuration and installation of computer workstation software through packaging and distribution servers. These services are offered for no added fee to Bit Bundle subscribers.

For most software, WashU IT can group multiple files of software installation media along with pre-defined configuration settings into a single install point. From WashU IT managed computers, this single install point can be consumed from a self-service portal or automatically installed on managed PC or Mac computers.

Obtaining Software

There are multiple methods of acquiring software, including working with Software Licensing, depending on your role in the university and the software you are looking for.

Request Process:

To have software packaged or distributed, contact the WashU IT Service Center via the ServiceNow Portal. Supply the installation files, in a file share or Box folder. Include the file share or Box folder location in the request information and any special configuration needed. If distribution is needed, please supply a list of computers names. For larger distributions, please supply a description of the scope (department, school). A representative will contact you to gather details.

Fulfillment Process:

It may take up to 5 business days to complete the configuration and packaging process. After this is complete, quality assurance testing will be performed. The testing process may take up to 10 business days as the quality assurance team works through subsequent levels of testing any unforeseen difficulties with the goal of reaching a pass rating for the installation.

Publishing and Distribution:

Upon passing quality assurance testing, applications are made available for consumption via the Software Center application on PC, and the Self-Service application for Mac. If automatic distribution to computers is desired, an installation schedule can be coordinated.

Large Scale Distributions:

Automatic distribution to more than 100 computers may require more coordination. Affects on customer and business processes may require dividing the distribution across several days. Customer and departmental communications may also be needed. WashU IT will closely coordinate with the requestor and affected consumers, departments, and schools for those steps.

Software Packaging and Distribution Process (PDF)