Provides guidance for a computing environment that is safe, secure, regulatory compliant, and minimizes the exposure and loss of information.

Features & Options

  • Information Security Consulting: The Office of Information Security provides consulting services for WashU faculty, staff, and students on a variety of security-related technologies, including network security, system security, and application security. Access to this service results in a secure computing environment for end-users. The service includes consulting, solution design recommendations, and training.
  • Regulatory Services: Regulatory Services are meant to assist Departments and Schools with compliance with federal, state, or industry regulations.  The Information Security Office subject matter experts are able to provide regulatory reviews of systems and processes including grants & contracts, project reviews, and third-party assessment. This service helps to ensure best practices are being followed and systems are designed to comply with regulations.
  • Risk Assessments: WashU IT Information Security Office subject matter experts are able to review systems and information sharing processes to assess risk and vulnerabilities. The service includes an assessment of university systems as well as a review of how information is shared with outside systems.
  • Security Training and Services: Security and awareness training informs WashU Faculty, staff, and students of the security expectations for their roles, and advises them how they can be active participants in the protection of information from known security threats that exist. Departments are also shown how to use the security website to report security issues, obtain policy and guidance, and other relevant information.