Enterprise Applications Service provides comprehensive delivery and support for custom developed, vendor hosted, and SaaS applications used by various domains and subdomains within the university community.

These applications generally provide service to large targeted groups at the university. Those served include faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate admissions, and students.


This service provides comprehensive delivery and support for domain centric applications. Service delivery includes negotiated on-going support and operational capacity to meet the high demands of an application that is enterprise focused.

Requirements & Considerations

Work with Enterprise Applications planning and analysis team to discuss specific requirements, timing and resource availability.

Features & Options

Comprehensive analysis will help determine how a specific solution will be implemented. This service can provide a combination or any single approach depending on customer needs.

  • Support and configuration of enterprise centric SaaS
  • Vended Application Management of purchased but internally hosted applications
  • Custom enterprise scale projects that could include:
    • Design
    • Development
    • Integrations with university and vendor systems
    • Data Management and Reporting
    • Business Process Reengineering

Service Delivery can include many supporting services:

  • Application architecture design, review, and analysis
    • Functional Architecture
    • Data Architecture
    • Solutions Architecture
    • Technical Architecture
  • Business-focused service
    • Domain centric single point of contact
    • Business Analysis
    • Project Management
  • Complex Application Configuration
    • Application Administration
    • Application centric staff with specialized training
  • Custom Development
    • Design, Development, Delivery, and Operations
    • Integrations through a variety of methods including
      • APIs
      • FTP and File Movement
      • SQL Database to SQL Database
      • Custom vendor delivery processes
  • Operational Support
    • Application support
    • Nightly and daily batch and on-demand processing