Departmental Applications provides high quality, reliable technology solutions that facilitate the user’s growing needs as determined by current trends and business goals while supporting the mission of the university and the School of Medicine.

Applications are custom built for specific departments within schools and departments across the university.


Support for toll applications developed by the group. Also includes analysis, design and development of new solutions.

Requirements & Considerations

Business partners must be willing to work with Departmental Applications to define and approve requirements, and give time to testing and implementation tasks.

Features & Options

Departmental Applications provides development of new applications and enhancements and support for existing applications.

Applications are built using a standard tool set. If solutions require a tool set not currently supported by WashU IT, an analysis will be performed to determine if the need outweighs the risk of using a new tool set.

Service Level Expectations (SLE)

The complete Service Level Expectation (SLE) document for Departmental Applications service can be found here: Departmental Applications SLE (PDF).