Request new WashU Azure subscription
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Format: 314-555-1234 email address
Format: 314-555-1234
Please be sure to have a Standing PO (aka Blanket Order “BO”) before filling out this form.

The preferred method for billing is a Blanket PO (aka BO) which is created through WorkDay/Marketplace. The supplier is Insight Public Sector. It is recommended that you estimate your annual Azure usage costs and create the BO for a bit more than that. Since this is a “pay-as-you-go” service, the BO is simply used as a high estimate of what you expect to use. You decide the dollar amount, e.g. $500.00 and as monthly invoices are paid against the BO, the amount of available dollars is correspondingly reduced. A Change Order to a BO can be done to add money if it seems necessary. BO’s expire at the end of the fiscal year; any funds remaining on the BO go back into your department’s budget. There is no roll-over to the next fiscal year. A new BO is issued for the new fiscal year.

When filling out the BO, you should set the expiration date as 6/30 of the fiscal year and put in a description of the product as “Microsoft Azure for [someone].”
If anyone besides the lead technical contact will need admin access to the new Azure subscription, please provide a list email addresses for the individuals who should have access.

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