Administrative Applications Service provides production and operational support for globally used applications targeted towards the majority of university students, faculty and staff.

These applications are those that are generally not for a specific line of business but part of the core university business processes that cross many lines of business.


Enterprise-centric support for a global system that is part of the common good funding model. The ongoing planning, design, and configuration of a custom, hosted, or SaaS solution that is focused on serving the entire university community.

Requirements & Considerations

While ongoing operational funding is typically provided through prorations, significant enhancements to enterprise systems will typically involve capital funding.

Features & Options

Administrative Applications will from time to time be replaced, enhanced or configured. An application that is more specific to a particular domain or line of university business is supported under the Administrative Applications service.

Enterprise Class Scaling

Administrative Applications are highly available and scalable applications. They are capable of meeting university needs for high numbers of concurrent users as well as processing high-volume data related to the specific application.

Enterprise Integrations

Administrative applications provide integration through various methods to meet specific requirements for legacy and new systems. Specific processes and methods are followed to ensure consistent and supportable data movement, access and processing requirements.

Enterprise Support

Staff supporting these systems are highly skilled and have in-depth domain knowledgeable required to support these comprehensive applications. These individuals are in teams that provide several levels of operations, configurations, data, and integrations operational support.