What are the ServiceNow Dashboards?

The ServiceNow dashboards are a new resource to assist managers on the Medical and Danforth campuses in keeping track of the status of IT-related requests their teams submit to the portal.

When accessing the dashboards, managers can see:

  • A big picture of all the requests put into ServiceNow that involves the cost centers they manage
  • Identify the current status of each request or incident in your cost center(s)
  • Pending requests that require their approval

This streamlined way of viewing and managing IT requests on ServiceNow will help WashU faculty and staff members get their IT needs met faster and increase overall productivity.

Accessing the Dashboards

You will have to register for a course at Learn@Work and complete training before you gain access to the dashboard(s).

The ServiceNow dashboard(s) will be deployed and available to managers of specific cost centers within three business days after completion of the training course.

Once a manager has completed the training, they will receive an email from WUSTL ServiceNow communicating that they have been added to the dashboard(s).


When is my deadline to complete the training?

Managers will receive an email inviting them to complete the training. This email will have a proposed date, and managers are expected to complete the training by that time.

The earliest managers complete the training, the earliest they will be added to the dashboard(s).

How can I access the training course?

You can access it by logging into Learn@Work with your WUSTL Key and registering to the course assigned to you. You will receive an email from Learn@Work assigning the course to you. If you

What do I do if I can’t see my dashboard or if I have access to a dashboard for a cost center that is not under my management?

Submit a reporting and dashboard(s) catalog item.