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ECV enables one to login to their own individualized desktop remotely or locally from any device and access most applications without the need to additionally sign in to each application.

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Leadership Roles

Business Unit Liaison:

The person performing in this function of Business Liaison would be the Department IT Director, Manager, or Clinical Administration person depending upon the size and complexity of the department being implemented and the project scope.

Primary requirements are:

  • Strong working knowledge of business operations, clinics and key stakeholders in each area.
  • Understanding of project scope and objective.
  • Knowledge of systems and key administrative personnel to assist the project in discovery and ensuring key stakeholders are engaged with the project and supportive of activities to ensure success.
  • Knowledge of communication chains and appropriate inroads to ensure successful communication of project in multiple variations.
  • This individual is required to sign off on all project plans and approve of methods and processes that will be least disruptive to operations and current business activities.
  • This person should have a vested interest in the project’s success and escalate within appropriate paths regarding any issues or obstacles to the project’s success on time and on budget.

Specific duties of business stakeholder and liaison:

  • Attend weekly or designated meetings to review plans, changes in scope and overall project progress.
  • Assist project team to “remove boulders” or obtain buy-in from necessary stakeholders to ensure project success.
  • Identify key resources within the department to provide required data regarding business personnel and options (HRMS reports, clinic schedules, least disruptive days for implementations, etc).
  • Provide requested internal communications and support to the team regarding key stakeholders, testers and principals to ensure project success.
  • Understand defined project scope and help project team map successful plans, demonstrations of new technology and overall business process mapping regarding change management and execution of project implementation throughout the department.
  • Internal business processes and cultural knowledge are key to the success of any project, and this role ensures that the project is introduced, socialized and executed within the department’s structural and cultural environment optimally.

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Project Summary

Project Status: In Progress

Project Manager: Alesya Bernatskaya and Charlie Hahn

Project Goals and Objectives

Deploy new ECV Virtual Environment to BJC and WUSM locations.
Replace existing WU and BJC Citrix farms with one consolidated ECV Citrix Environment.

Project Scope


  • BJC Med Groups (93 clinics)
  • BJC Community Hospitals (9)
  • BJC Academic Hospitals (3)
  • WU Anesthesiology
  • WU Department of Medicine (DOM) Clinics
  • WU ENT
  • WU Radiation Oncology
  • WU Ophthalmology
  • WU Orthopedic Surgery
  • WU Neurology
  • WU Occupational Therapy
  • WU Pediatrics
  • WU Physical Therapy
  • WU Psychiatry

In Progress:

  • WU Surgery
  • WU Pathology
  • WU Radiology
  • WU Physician Billing
MilestonesCompletion Date
BJC Medical GroupsCompleted. April 2017
BJC Community HospitalsCompleted. June 2017 – November 2017
BJC Academic HospitalsCompleted. August 2018 – November 2018
DOMCompleted. September 2019
DOVS OphthalmologyCompleted. September 2019
PediatricsCompleted. January 2020
ENTCompleted. January 2020
Occupational/Physical TherapyCompleted. December 2019
NeurologyCompleted. October 2019
Ortho SurgeryCompleted. June 2019
Neuro Surgery2020 Q2
Surgery2020 Q2
OB/GYN2020 Q2
AnesthesiologyCompleted. 2020 Q2
PsychiatryCompleted. December 2019
Radiation Oncology (RO)Completed. March 2019
Pathology2020 Q2
Radiology2020 Q2
Physician Billing2020 Q2

Core Team

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