University Email (

University Email – (

The following notes do not include anything related to mailbox access or licensing. They refer to email address only:

  • The email address will be set to expire 91 days from the date of termination in Workday.
  • The expiration date is set automatically and no department intervention is required
  • If the former faculty or staff member is also a student or alumni the email address is retained and supported by their current role
    • The email address may be retained upon request of the departing department. This process requires the department to coordination with the WashU IT Service Desk as well as the impacted individual as they will receive a new email address, WUSTL Key, and Office 365 mailbox
  • People with an Emeritus role in Workday retain their address indefinitely
  • Departments may request an extension of the email address expiration for a period not to exceed one year. Departments must request additional extensions to support business operations