Time Clock


AccuTime Clock Replacement

Beginning August 8, WashU will transition employees who utilize the Kronos time clock to a new time keeping system, AccuTime’s TimeCOM SaaS. Due to a vendor change, the Kronos time clock system will no longer be supported after the new clocks are installed. The schedule for time clock installation will be posted when available.

There will be minimal changes

The new time clock system, AccuTime, will use the same clock in and out procedures for employees. The new time clocks will be installed in the same area where the existing Kronos clocks are currently located. Employees should continue to use their fingerprint to clock in and out at designated shifts according to the Time and Attendance Records Policy.

New time clock benefits 

AccuTime provides additional benefits to employees, including: 

  • Higher visibility for employees to see their time entered for each day.
  • Higher visibility to see vacation and sick accrual balances. These benefits will be displayed on the new ATS time clock screens.

Please download and print this information flyer and post it by the current Kronos time clocks in your area to prepare employees.

The flyer includes a QR code that employees can scan with their smartphone to access this Time Clock web page which contains resources and support information.

Registering your employee(s) in AccuTime: ACTION NEEDED!

Employees will be required to re-register their fingerprint.

Supervisors can access a training manual online (Box, .docx) for the new time clocks, including how to register an employee for a fingerprint scan and basic troubleshooting.

To Enroll a Fingerprint:

  1. Press the Manager Menu.
  2. Press the Enroll tab.
  3. The clock will prompt a Manager ID and a fingerprint scan if the manager has already enrolled their fingerprint. 
  4. The clock will then prompt for the employee’s ID number.
  5. The clock will prompt the employee to scan their fingerprint upon entering the number. 
  6. Place finger firmly on the scanner without pressing too hard.
    1. Helpful hint: avoid using the thumb.
  7. Once the fingerprint has been captured, it will scored based on the quality of the scan. If the biometric scan is below 80, the fingerprint should be scanned again.
  8. Once the scan is complete, you will be given an option to re-enroll, practice scanning the fingerprint or enroll the next employee.

Note: A supervisor, as designated in Workday, must be present as an employee sets up the biometric fingerprint. Please plan to assist your employees during the fingerprint registration. The implementation time has taken two to five minutes per employee during the time clock testing phase.  

Work-a-Round instructions during Implementation

If an employee is not able to clock in or out of a shift due to the new time clock installation, an employee should utilize the Workday web clock or record a paper timesheet, which would need to be submitted to the employee’s manager for approval. Managers can download a paper timesheet online (Box, .xlsx). Both the manager and employee need to sign it, and managers should upload into the Worker Documents section in Workday.

Managers can access a tutorial about how to use the Workday web clock through Workday@WashU to learn how to enter an employee’s time.

Employee User Manual

Access the User how-to guide (Box, .docx) which gives instructions on how to start a punch and how to access your Accruals page on the time clock.

Time clock support 

If a time clock machine is not functioning properly, please submit a Service Now ticket

Knowledge Base articles:

Confluence Articles:

Installation Dates:

Phase 1: Aug. 8
  • DUC rooms 322 and 270
  • Kemper Art Museum room 116
  • North Campus, 1st floor, 1612 breakroom
Phase 2: Aug. 15
  • Department of Comparative Medicine – BJCIH room B100
  • Department of Comparative Medicine – 4546 McKinley Breakroom
  • Department of Comparative Medicine – East McDonnell Science Breakroom #108
  • Department of Comparative Medicine –  Clinical Sciences Research Building, North Tower Breakroom #330
  • Radiation Oncology, Clinical Sciences Research Building – 4th floor by elevators
  • Radiation Oncology, Radiation Oncology Medical Building – 3rd floor by elevators
  • Radiation Oncology, Wohl Center, 10th floor by elevators
  • Radiation Oncology, 4511 Forest Park, 2nd floor by elevators
  • Radiation Oncology, Center for Advanced Medicine – Lower Level, suite B
  • Internal Medicine, Clinical Sciences Research Building – 8th floor locations
Phase 3: Aug. 16 & 17

Facilities Management Department

  • WashU Protective Services, Mid Campus Center (MCC), outside room 1319
  • MCC Basement, room B069
  • Clinical Sciences Research Building, Basement, room 00003
  • Farrell Learning and Teaching Center (FLTC), 2nd floor, main corridor 6011
  • Metro Garage, 1st floor shop
  • Data Center
  • Euclid Power Plant
  • Danforth Hitaman Hall, 6th floor
  • Mail Services (McDonnell Research), 1st floor
  • North Campus mail room
  • 4444 Forest Park Blvd, Basement
  • 4515 McKinley Ave, 1st floor, room B013
  • BJH Dialysis Center, Basement closet
  • BTC, Basement 00B004 corridor
  • BTC, 00642
  • CID Research, 1st floor dock
  • Clinical Sciences Research Building North Tower, room 2063
  • MCC, Basement, room 21
  • North Tower Area 3 (Custodial room)
  • Wohl Clinic, 5A100
  • North, 0003
  • FLTC, Recommissioning Shop 00015
  • BJCIH, Basement shop
  • BJCIH, Lower Level
  • EH&S Building, Basement/Lower level, room 00137
  • Maternity, Basement Corridor 00040
  • McDonnell Pediatric Research Building, 6th floor, Mechanical area behind the elevator lobby
  • Cancer Research Building, Basement, room 608
  • Cancer Research Building, 1st floor, room 612
  • Wohl Clinic, room 00141
Phase 4: Aug. 18
  • Mayfair Plaza, 1st floor, room 129
  • Renal – Chromalloy Dialysis Center, Center for Outpatient Health, 2nd floor, room 2200
  • Eliot B House, Lower Level, room 16A by the refrigerator 
  • Eliot B House, Lower Level, room 16A by the North wall
  • Internal Medicine business office at North Campus, 1st floor across the hall from WUIT
  • Renal – Forest Park Dialysis Center, Wohl Clinic, 1st floor across from room 114
  • WU Lofts, 1st floor, housekeeping closet
  • Small Group House, Basement, housekeeping closet