NameCoach In Canvas

WashU and NameCoach encourage students and instructors to record the correct pronunciation of their name via the NameCoach web portal

Instructors and students can then listen to the NameCoach recordings within Canvas via the NameCoach Roster tool. The tool helps people in the same section of a course to properly pronounce each other’s names. Once recorded, a NameCoach recording will copy to all of a user’s courses in Canvas where the NameCoach Roster tool is used, so users need only record their name pronunciation once.

Who can use NameCoach in Canvas?

WashU Faculty, Staff and Students can use their WUSTL Key to access NameCoach.

Using NameCoach

There are two ways to record within NameCoach: Web Recorder or Phone. Once recorded and saved, the recording will be automatically integrated into Canvas.

For instructions on how to record your name, please visit the WashU IT NameCoach main page.

NameCoach Roster In Your Canvas Course

How to enable NameCoach in a Canvas course (for Instructors and Course Support):

To enable the NameCoach Roster menu item in your Canvas course, click on the Course Settings -> Navigation, and drag the NameCoach Roster tool to the enabled area at the top of the page. This provides access to the NameCoach roster tool for the course.  

How to use the NameCoach Roster (for students, faculty, and staff):

The lower area of the tool window will contain a roster for the section. NameCoach name recordings will appear in the ‘Recorded names’ tab in the tool, whereas names who have not recorded in NameCoach appear in the ‘Unrecorded names’ tab. 

Please note: If some students have already recorded their names at a prior time or for another course, their name and recording will appear in the recorded names section.

NameCoach For Canvas Instructors