ClickUp is a project-management and collaboration software the is used by various areas of the University, including University Advancement and staff in the Chancellor’s Suite. Below are the common functions and training provided to those staff for reference on how to complete common actions in ClickUp.

  • Projects: Plan, track, and manage any type of work with project management resources for your team.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with your team through dashboards, notifications, and real-time chat.
  • Tasks: Create tasks to assign work and track progress on activities.

Accessing ClickUp Products

Product licenses are available to allow University departments to access the WashU IT instance of each ClickUp product. To request a license for access, complete the General Service Request Form via ServiceNow and specify which group’s access is needed. The Access Management team will contact you once the request is fulfilled. Pricing information will also be provided by the Access Management team after the General Service Request Form is submitted.

Information Security Policies

Be sure to follow University policies when storing and deleting data, including encryption of all personal health information (PHI).


ClickUp is limited to University related activities, such as academic teaching or research.  The use of ClickUp for personal activities is prohibited.

Consider legal, regulatory, and University policy requirements when collecting sensitive data. If unsure whether or not your tasks or documents contain sensitive data, contact these departments for guidance.


Self Service User Guides

ClickUp Overview– Knowledge Base article explaining how ClickUp is structured, how to work within it, syncing with your Outlook calendar, and using your WUSTL key.

How to Convert ClickUp from Standalone Sign-in to WUSTLKey SSO– Knowledge Base article detailing how first-time customers should enable single-sign-on once logged in.

ClickUp also has a variety of quick guides and solutions to common problems through their Help Center.

Self Service On-Demand Training

Live on-demand webinars and on-demand demo videos are available as well and registration is free for customers. Each webinar focuses on a different experience level from novice to intermediate and expert. Modules may also focus on specific use cases.

Novice Self-Paced Learner Modules:
· Introduction to ClickUp

· Set Up your Hierarchy

· View, Manage, and Discuss Your Tasks

· Communicate With Your Team

Intermediate Self-Paced Learner Modules:
· Maximize Your Productivity (dashboards, automations & templates)

· Enabled and Optimize Space ClickApps


If you have ClickUp questions or requests, please complete and submit the General Service Request form for a technician to contact you.

Vendor Support

WashU provides users with support from ClickUp. Support is available 24/7 at 1-888-625-4258.

You can also click the question mark symbol at bottom left sidebar menu within your ClickUp account to chat with a support team member.

Additionally, ClickUp offers a variety of solutions to common questions through their Help Center.

WashU IT Support

  • You can submit a General Service Request via Service Now for new spaces, new licenses, or assistance with existing spaces and workflows in ClickUp.

ClickUp Teams Channel Now Available

As of June 1, 2022, ClickUp is fully supported by Washington University and WashU IT. ClickUp is a project-management and collaboration software the is used by various areas of the University, including University Advancement and staff in the Chancellor’s Suite. To help foster collaboration and answer questions users may have, a ClickUp Microsoft Team has been […]